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New Akira Ransomware

New Akira Ransomware Attacking Organizations and Exposes Sensitive Data

A new ransomware variant called "Akira" has emerged, targeting multiple organizations and employing a double-extortion technique by exfiltrating and encrypting sensitive data, with the...

Payment Processing Giant NCR Global Hit By Ransomware Attack

NCR, a major player in the US payments industry, admitted it was a target of a ransomware attack for which the BlackCat/Alphv group claimed...
Backup Exec Bug

CISA Urges to Fix Backup Exec Bug Exploited to Deploy Ransomware

A new ALPHV (aka BlackCat Ransomware) has been found and tracked under the ID UNC4466. This ransomware affiliate uses Veritas Backup Exec Installations, which...
Hardware Giant MSI Hacked

Hardware Giant MSI Hacked – Ransomware Group Issues Demand

A cyberattack was recently launched on some of the information systems of the multinational Taiwanese technology company Micro-Star International (MSI) Co., Ltd.According to MSI's...
Ransomware Gang Leaked

Ransomware Gang Leaked 600GB of Data Stolen From Oakland City Servers

The ransomware gang responsible for the February attack on the City of Oakland, California, released a second data dump. The dump consisted of nearly...

Rorschach – Fastest Encryption Ransomware Ever Found in Ransomware History

Researchers from Checkpoint found a new and previously unknown ransomware variant dubbed "Rorschach" with highly sophisticated features that target U.S. companies.Rorschach ransomware carries technically...
ChatGPT Ready to Write Ransomware

ChatGPT Ready to Write Ransomware But Failed to Go Deep 

Our lives are now enriched by the availability of LLMs that are easily accessible on the internet, so we have tools such as the...
New Trigona Ransomware

Beware of New Trigona Ransomware Attacking Finance and Marketing Industries

The relatively new Trigona ransomware strain, according to Unit 42 researchers, was particularly active in December 2022, targeting industries in the manufacturing, finance, construction,...
Ransomware Amazon Ring

A Ransomware Gang Claims to Have Hacked the Security Camera Company Amazon Ring

There has been a recent cyber attack on Amazon's popular security camera company, Ring, which was attributed to a ransomware group ALPHV that uses...
IceFire Ransomware Attacks

IceFire Ransomware Attacks Both Windows and Linux Enterprise Networks

Recently, security analysts at SentinelOne got to know about an infamous IceFire ransomware that has been found attacking both Windows and Linux enterprise networks.An...

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