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Conti Ransomware Attacks

CISA Observed Raise in Conti Ransomware Attacks Targeting Over 400 U.S. and International Organizations

The investigation report says that the Conti ransomware has been attacked more than 400 times in the U.S. and other international organisations....
How to Protect Your Files From Ransomware Attacks?

How to Protect Your Files From Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware today is among the greatest threats to your data privacy and security. As per cybersecurity ventures, this damage has been increasing...
Ransomware Attacks

New Ransomware Attacks Demand Cash From The Customers of Victims Too

Nowadays ransomware attacks are increasing rapidly, and the threat actors are demanding huge ransom in return. As cybercriminals are making their moves...
Vermont Health Network

Vermont Hospitals Now Latest Victim of Ransomware Attacks

The University of Vermont Health Network is now the latest victim in an ongoing onslaught of cyberattacks. The cyberattack has targeted the...
VHD Ransomware

Lazarus Hacking Groups Behind the Targeted VHD Ransomware Attacks

Lazarus hacker group is known for its attack on Sony Pictures in 2014, the group is financially motivated and know to be...


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