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ABC Company Massive Data Leaked online from Amazon S3 Bucket

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Sensitive data leaked online from AWS S3 repositories that included usernames, email addresses, password hashes, and other user details.

Leaked data belongs to  ABC Commercial that is  Division of  Australian Broadcasting Corporation that provides a service such as retail, content sales, and consumer publishing, provides content marketing, distribution, and a wide range of digital services.

The exposed data included 1,800 daily backups of an ABC Commercial database, as well as requests sent by overseas TV producers to the ABC to license its content.

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ABC Company already hacked on 2013 and suffered from 50,000 users data leaked this is not a First Time ABC Company suffering the data Breach/Leaked.

According to Kromtech Security Center, The leak occurred just one week after Amazon introduced its new S3 encryption and security features aimed at enhanced security options for users.

This misconfigured AWS S3 bucket was identified during a regular security audit of a misconfigured S3 environment on November 14th.

publicly accessible folders in one of the buckets

These are the following Leaked ABC Company Data from Misconfigured AWS Bucket.

  • Several thousand emails, logins, hashed passwords for ABC Commercial users to access the ABC content (these include users who are well-known members of the media)
  • Requests for licensed content as sent by TV and media producers from all over the world to use ABC’s content and pay royalties.
  • Secret access key and login details for another repository, with advanced video content
    1,800 daily MySQL database backups from 2015 to present

one of the user tables in MySQL database backups

These misconfigured data was publicly available that can be accessed by anyone and also it was indexed by Censys that is a Deep Search engine which is used for gathering information about the hosts and networks that compose the Internet.

Kromtech Security Center has been reported to concern authority of ABC Company All reported buckets were successfully secured within minutes.

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