Adobe Flash Player

Adobe released updates for Flash player security, Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe Connect for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. The updates with flash player dosen’t covers the security fixes.

Adobe Flash Player

The updates fixed the feature and performance bugs with Adobe Flash Player for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. Users are recommended to update with Adobe Flash Player version

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe security update for Digital Editions will fix important vulnerabilities, sucessful exploitataion of the vulnerability results in information disclosure with the context of the user.

Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.9 and below are affected with the vulnerability and it has been fixed with Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.10. The vulnerability can be tracked as CVE-2018-12817.

Adobe Connect

Security update for Adobe Connect resolves the session token exposure vulnerability, the session token vulnerability allows an attacker to again access to the user sessions.

The vulnerability affects Adobe Connect 9.8.1 and earlier, it has been fixed with Adobe Connect version 10.1. The vulnerability can be tracked as CVE-2018-19718.

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