Adobe security updates released that cover the updates for Adobe Flash Player, Experience Manager, Connect, Adobe Acrobat, and Reader.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe released updates for the critical Flash player that affects flash player and it’s earlier versions. By exploiting the vulnerability an attacker can run arbitrary codes without the user’s context.

The Vulnerabilities can be tracked as CVE-2018-5008, CVE-2018-5007 and it was fixed with Adobe Flash Player version

Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime30.0.0.134Windows, macOS2Flash Player Download Center


Flash Player Distribution

Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome30.0.0.134Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS2Google Chrome Releases
Adobe Flash Player for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 1130.0.0.134Windows 10 and 8.12Microsoft Security Advisory
Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime30.0.0.134Linux3Flash Player Download Center

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager suffers critical Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerabilities, it affects from version 6.0 to 6.4. Adobe categorizes the updates in priority and recommends user’s to install the newest version.

The Vulnerabilities can be tracked as CVE-2018-5004, CVE-2018-5006 and CVE-2018-12809.

Adobe security updates for Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect 9.7.5 and it’s earliest version suffered authentication bypass vulnerability that would result in sensitive information disclosure.

Both of the vulnerabilities fixed with the version 9.8.1, along with that this update also resolves the issues with the session tokens validation.

The Vulnerabilities can be tracked as CVE-2018-4994, CVE-2018-12804 and CVE-2018-12805.

Adobe Connect9.8.1All2Release note

Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Adobe fixed 104 vulnerabilities with security updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and macOS. It covers critical and important vulnerabilities, successful exploitation of the vulnerability may lead to arbitrary code execution without user’s context.

ProductTrackUpdated VersionsPlatformPriority RatingAvailability
Acrobat DCContinuous2018.011.20055Windows and macOS2Windows
Acrobat Reader DCContinuous2018.011.20055Windows and macOS2Windows
Acrobat 2017Classic 20172017.011.30096Windows and macOS2Windows
Acrobat Reader DC 2017Classic 20172017.011.30096Windows and macOS2Windows
Acrobat DCClassic 20152015.006.30434Windows and macOS2Windows
Acrobat Reader DCClassic 20152015.006.30434Windows and macOS2Windows

Users are recommended to update their software installations to the latest versions, to update manually Help for Adobe security updates > Check for Updates.

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