Web Applications Security becomes essential as more and more data gets stored in web applications. As such, testing of web applications determines that sensitive data stays confined and the users accomplish only those tasks that they are permitted to perform.

Most of the enterprise engage with third-party penetration testing service providers to complement their internal development team in discovering security vulnerabilities and meet various compliance requirements based on their security needs.

Often these penetration service providers have limited talent pool which they are heavily dependent upon. Each of these security researchers has the specific skill set for particular domain area.

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This leads to the application not being tested for all kinds of vulnerability scenarios and leaves a huge gap in security testing scope.Over the last decades, in spite of conducting extensive penetration testing, data breaches are common.

Bug Bounty Program

Bug Bounty program employs crowdsource security researchers will diverse skill set covering a wide of vulnerability scenarios and advanced threats.There are many apprehensions and misconceptions among large organizations about bug bounty programs regarding trust, talent base, managing security researchers, and more.

BugBounty program has proved to more effective than going for traditional penetration services conducted through third-party agencies.SafeHats Bug Bounty platform provides various programs that would suit each organization’s risk level.

An organization can start with a managed private program where the Safehats team will help in setting bounty amount, provide services which include bug triaging, a platform for report submission, bug report validation, remediation services, and more. You can also reach to [email protected]

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