Adware apps on Google Play

The adware programs will tend to serve unwanted advertisements on your mobile phone and computer. The adware can be included with some apps in a legitimate way to generate revenue.

By clicking the ads it directs the users to the malicious pages which collect the user information and use it for advertising purposes.

Adware apps on Google Play

Kaspersky Security researcher Tatyana Shishkova observed 4 such adware apps on Google play that has more than 16,100,000 installs in total.

These apps use to constantly push popup ads whenever the user opens new pages, changes songs and at certain intervals.

Users complaints that app showing random ads. “It does random popups even when it’s not open. It also needs permission for a bunch of random stuff. It also gives you an advertisement every time you do something in the app. Just don’t get this, it’s just a waste of time a likely malware.”

The C2 server addresses of the apps depend on the package and they are hardcore in the encrypted modules.

Adware is a trending threat in 2019, especially targeting Android users, and it is a sweet spot for cybercriminals due to the over popularity of Android.

“GBHackers on Security” reported several adware incidents in the past few months, and it’s rapidly growing to exclusively target the Android users to generate millions of dollars revenue.

Malware, Spyware, and Adware can accompany them, become a parasite in user’s systems resulting in unnecessary breakdowns and breaches.

Never download the apps from third-party app stores and research the app before installing it. Here you can find the best Adware Removal Tool to Block Annoying Ads.

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