AI Gadgets

Admittedly, Artificial Intelligence Gadgets (AI Gadgets) makes everything a whole lot easier; whether it’s certain software within a business or ways you can implement Artificial Intelligence to better assist your everyday lifestyle.

Consumers everywhere are constantly on the lookout for any technology which can make everyday tasks a lot simpler, and that’s where AI becomes a valid solution.

Here the Top 3 AI Gadgets 2019

Here we have described the best and cheap AI gadgets 2019.

  • VI – AI Personal Trainer
  • Dashbot AI
  • Bonjour Smart AI

VI: Your Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

Sales of technology and gadgets which help make fitness easier and better tracked have been soaring in the consumer market, which is why the idea of an AI personal trainer is an excellent AI Gadgets 2019.

It’s true that motivation for fitness and exercise is a whole lot easier when you have a mentor and trainer spurring you on, and that’s what Vi was developed for.

With every session, this AI Gadgets learns more about you and your routine in order to better tailor the workout. VI Trainer will also encourage you to stay on target and meet your fitness goals.

Dashbot AI Gadgets for Your Car

Within your car is the opportune place to make use of Artificial Intelligence Technology, as drivers constantly need tech improvements to make any drive function better and safer.

The Dashbot AI Gadgets is a handy gadget which sits on your dashboard and provides everything you might need for your journey.

This includes synchronization with your smart device, enabling you to process calls and messages, load up your driving playlist and gain assistance with navigation without having to touch your smart device or think much at all.

A lot of cars may come fitted with a similar feature if they are the latest models, but if your car is an older version, this Dashbot AI means you don’t have to miss out on the latest capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence Technology is fast becoming a hot topic when it comes to autonomous vehicles and a car’s ability to function on its own.

The technology extends from dashboard technology to self-driven cars and the like.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn more about Artificial Intelligence Technology in regards to cars, and also the development process by educating yourself with a Masters in electrical and computer engineering and being an integral part in the development of this amazing technology.

The Bonjour Smart AI Alarm Clock

For the best way to start those early mornings! It’s common that any form of the alarm clock is going to be a form of annoyance, after all, nobody appreciates the sound of it.

Yet with the Bonjour AI alarm clock, you can make your wakeups as soothing as they can be due to the warm and appealing voice installed on this device, ready to rouse you awake and fill you in on the details for the day, such as weather and expected traffic.

Its AI capabilities are also ready to react to your every demand, which may be copious in the early mornings.

Wakeups can feel easier when you have a calm voice encouraging you during your morning routine.

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