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Airbus to Acquire INFODAS to Strengthen its Cybersecurity Portfolio

Airbus Defence and Space plans to acquire INFODAS, a leading cybersecurity and IT solutions provider in Germany.

This acquisition marks a step for Airbus as it aims to enhance the security of its digital infrastructure amidst the growing cyber threats globally.

A Strategic Acquisition for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Airbus Defence and Space, a global aerospace giant Airbus division, has agreed to acquire INFODAS, a company based in Cologne, Germany.

INFODAS is renowned for its expertise in delivering top-notch cybersecurity and IT solutions, mainly catering to the public sector, defense, and critical infrastructures.

The completion of this acquisition is anticipated before the end of 2024, pending customary regulatory approvals.

This move is aligned with Airbus‘ strategic ambition to fortify its cybersecurity portfolio, which is a critical aspect of its operations given the increasing digitalization and connectivity of its products and systems.

Airbus has been proactively enhancing its cybersecurity capabilities in recent years to ensure the utmost protection for its products, operations, customers, and the broader ecosystem.

This includes safeguarding major programs such as the Future Combat Air System (FCAS).

INFODAS: A Pillar of Cybersecurity Excellence

INFODAS stands out in the cybersecurity landscape with its team of approximately 250 employees and an annual revenue of around 50 million euros.

The company boasts a strong presence in Germany, with offices in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Munich, and Mainz.

It has earned a reputation for excellence, underscored by its certification from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as an IT security service provider.

INFODAS specializes in information system auditing, consulting, and penetration tests.

The Future of Airbus Cybersecurity

The acquisition of INFODAS by Airbus Defence and Space is a testament to Airbus’ commitment to cybersecurity.

By integrating INFODAS’ expertise and innovative solutions into its operations, Airbus is set to elevate its cybersecurity measures to new heights.

This strategic move will enhance the security of Airbus’ digital infrastructure, and offer added value to its European and global customers, ensuring they benefit from the highest cybersecurity standards in an era of escalating digital threats.

As the transaction progresses, the aerospace and defense communities eagerly anticipate the synergies this acquisition will bring.

The combination of Airbus’ global reach and INFODAS’ cybersecurity prowess promises to set new benchmarks in the protection of critical digital infrastructures, making a significant contribution to the safety and security of the digital world.

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