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Threat Actors Claiming Breach of AMD Source Code on Hacking Forums

A threat actor named ” IntelBroker ” claims to have breached AMD in June 2024 and is now selling the allegedly stolen data on hacking forums.

The compromised information reportedly includes sensitive data such as future AMD product plans, specification sheets, employee and customer databases, property files, ROMs, source code, firmware, and financial documents.

According to IntelBroker’s post on the BreachForums site, the employee database contains user IDs, first and last names, job functions, business phone numbers, email addresses, and employment status of AMD personnel.

The threat actor is offering the data for sale exclusively in exchange for Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency and is accepting a middleman for transactions.

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IntelBroker has a notorious reputation in the cybersecurity community, with previous high-profile hacks of entities such as Europol, Home Depot, the U.S. Pentagon, and allegedly one of the T-Mobile data breaches.

The origins and affiliations of the threat actor are currently unknown.

If the claims are substantiated, the breach could have significant implications for AMD, its employees, customers, and partners.

Sensitive data like source code, firmware, future product plans, and employee information could potentially be exploited if it fall into the wrong hands.

AMD’s IT and security teams are likely urgently investigating the incident to determine the validity and full extent of the alleged breach.

This developing story underscores the ongoing challenges companies face in securing their digital assets against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data.

More details are expected to emerge as AMD’s investigation progresses.

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