A new phishing campaign lure users to read email and to open the email attachements, the scam email states that there is a security issue with the card and ask to fill the Web form to verify the records. The campaign targets American Express card users.

The email scam asks for customers personal details including user ID, password, Expiry date, CID, other’s maiden name, mother’s birth date, birth year and first elementary school name then it submits the data to attackers server.

The email subjected as REMINDER: A concern that requires your action, the campaign primarily targets the small and medium size business.

Myonlinesecurity observed one of the phishing campaign, that contains a complicated design that can evade anti-phishing tools.

Primary Cardmember Message

For your security:

We are writing to let you know that there is a recent security report for your American Express(R) Account(s). At the time of report analysis, errors were encountered.
In view of this, We mandate that you confirm your on-file records with us.
A safe attached fillable Web form is sent with this message.
• See Attached Form, Download and Open to Continue.
Thank you for your continued Cardmembership.
American Express Customer Service Card®:

If the user fills the details and submits the form then information will be sent to a compromised site and not to American Express site.

A recent study shows that, nearly half of the phishing sites using SSL HTTPS connection and shows padlock which indicates a means of telling it as a legitimate site.

A phishing attack is one of the dangerous social engineering attacks that leads to capture a victim’s username and password that will get store it to an attacker machine and reuse it later.

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