U.S citizen sentenced 10 years in prison for Massive DDOS attacks against 2 hospitals on U.S Boston Children’s Hospital and Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in 2014.

Martin Gottesfeld, 32, convicted for launching massive DDoS attacks and the attack was launched more than a week that caused the facility to spend $18,000.

He was installed a malicious software on 40,000 network routers that was controlled by his home computer and used those compromised computers to launch the DDOS attack.

Gottesfeld is one of the member of international hacking group, behalf of the group he was launched this attack on Boston Children’s Hospital .


The attack flooded 65,000 IP addresses used by Boston Children’s Hospital and several other area hospitals with junk data intended to make those computers unavailable for legitimate communications. 

According to Router report, Federal officials in August found him guilty of two counts, including conspiracy to damage protected computers related to cyberattacks he carried out in 2014 on Boston Children’s Hospital and another facility.

Due to this attack, the hospital’s day-to-day operations, as well as its research capabilities and hospital more than $300,000 and caused an additional estimated $300,000 loss in donations.

Law enforcement officials searched Gottesfeld’s home and recovered a number of computers, servers, and hard drives.

Finally, now he got 10 years in prison and the court ordered to pay nearly $443,000 to compensate the damages.

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