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10 Best Android Keyboard Apps for Android Users in 2019

Everybody loves a little personalized smartphone and keyboard are no exception to that, users can opt from different Android keyboard apps on play store to personalize their keyboard and typing routines.

The cool Keyboard apps express our thoughts and feelings flow, and keeping this to our comfort will help users for easy typing.  In this article, we will perceive the top 10 keyboard apps for android free download.

Gboard and Swiftkey keyboard apps have always been the user favorites and hence included them at the last, let’s see other apps first.

How to Change Android keyboard App

1. First, you need to install keyboard Apps from Google play.
2. Now navigate settings and locate language and input.
3. Next tap on current keyboard under Keyboard & input methods.
4. It shows the list of installed apps.
5. From the installed Android keyboard apps list, select your favorite app.

10 Best Android keyboard Apps 2019

  1. Flesky keyboard
  2. Chrooma Keyboard
  3. AI type keyboard
  4. Grammarly Keyboard
  5. Touchpal Keyboard
  6. Minnum Keyboard
  7. Hitap Keyboard
  8. Cheetah Keyboard
  9. Gboard Keyboard
  10. Swiftkey Keyboard

1.Flesky keyboard

Android keyboard apps by Flesky will be a replacement to your normal keyboard typing procedures with its easy typing interface and extensive themes allowing users to type without typos offering complete usability.

It also does have its own search engine called Qwant that helps users to search for GIFs, Youtube videos and images directly from the keyboard console.

Flesky keyboard app is known for its exciting themes and user interface with the right sized keyboard.

User review: “This is my favorite keyboard out of every single one that I have ever tried. There is however something I have to indicate.

I would love for there to be a way of adding a gap between the bottom of the screen, and the keyboard itself, much like it is present in the iOS version”.

Download From Google Play

2.Chrooma Keyboard

Android keyboard apps

Chrooma Android keyboard app is known for its keyboard color receptiveness that switches its color based on the background app that is running.

Additionally, it has a smart prediction feature that determines the word while you are about to type it but it all depends on the inputs you have been giving to the keyboard. During the initial stages, it can take a while, but after a few days, the prediction will become better.

User review: “I gave a one-star review before because it did not work, thank you so much for fixing my problem it looks desirable and works perfectly now! perfect developer, perfect app, recommend!”

Download From Google Play

3.AI type Keyboard

The AI type Android keyboard apps are set to learn the users typing patterns and assist users to develop words and write phrases a little faster compared to the normal keyboards offering swift and rapid typing effectiveness.

Apart from that it additionally includes other features like GIF inclusion, keyboard shortcuts, clipboard, and themes. The default keyboard has big keypads that are comfortable for big sized thumbs and the look and UX needs improvement.

User review: “Purchased this app a long time ago, {think it is going on almost 4 yrs already}, and that should have made it obvious that I loved the app. it is better than any other keyboard.”

Download From Google Play

4.Grammarly Keyboard

If you are a user who makes sufficient mistakes with typos and grammar its better if you download this app which will help you fix your errors using its grammatical engine.

Apart from this, other features like auto-capitalization, number row, emoji and more are additionally available completing the objective of the personalized keyboard app for Android.

User review: “I would give five stars but I can’t access my Grammarly papers from the app. However, the keyboard works phenomenally. It might sound crazy, but using this case actually improved my grammar.

You start noticing the changes it makes and you learn from them and eventually start making the changes to you”.

Download From Google Play

5.Touchpal Keyboard

keyboard apps for Android

Touchpal is another best Android keyboard app that comes with a lot of built-in features like themes, native clipboard, emojis, contact suggestions. GIFs and more.

Though this app is very intuitive with the right permissions it comes with advertisements, to make it advertisement free users need to purchase the paid version of the same.

Download From Google Play

6. Minnum Keyboard

Android keyboard apps

This keyboard is unique compared to other mentions above, as this keyboard can shrink itself over other letters thus occupying very less space but offering complete visibility and typing efficiency for the users. Not a pick for big thumb users.

Though both layouts are available users can use the smaller for a change and better visibility of the chatbox.

Download From Google Play

7.Hitap Keyboard

Hitap keyboard is one of the best customization free Android keyboard apps for android, as it comes with a native clipboard and contact suggestions options that make things simple for users.

While the users are typing they can simply type the contact name of their friends and the keyboard will bring their name on the suggestion, this can be done only after proper permissions have been given to the app.

In addition to the above features, Hitap also predicts words, offers themes and keyboard word/number customization options.

Download From Google Play

8. Cheetah Keyboard

Android keyboard apps

This Cheetah keyboard is another key mention among the list with an extensive set of features covering smart reply, gesture typing, AI-powered prediction, 100s of themes, emoji, stickers, GIFs, Animated emojis, customizing keyboards using your own photos, wallpapers, and more.

User review: The Cheetah keyboard is simply the best keyboard ever developed, if you did not download it yet, then you are really missing out on the fun and beauty of typing. Thanks to the developers, you guys are great!!!

Download From Google Play

9.Gboard Keyboard

Android keyboard apps

The Gboard from Google offers unique features for keyboard customization like glide typing, voice typing, handwriting, search and share, emoji search, multilingual typing, GIFs, Google translate and more. 

Apart from those features, Gboard Android offers cursor control to slide your finger in a controlled manner, gesture deletes feature, one handled mode, themes, and number row settings.

User review: “I have been using the custom keyboard. I just started using Gboard, and I’m deleting the custom one.

I love the fast voice typing. I love the swipe cursor control and the swipe delete. The built-in search function comes in handy, and the translation as you type is pretty cool. Please add voice recognition.”

Download From Google Play

10.Swiftkey Keyboard

Android keyboard apps

Swiftkey keyboard is offered from Microsoft and is already holding the market share with its extensive features and perfect efficiency.

Swiftkey is one of the best android keyboard apps that always analyzing your writing skills offering the best prediction when you are typing, and thus increases your efficiency of typing.

Swiftkey and Gboard are the user favorites and have included them in the last just to give better visibility to other keyboard apps. Users need to identify the right keyboard app for their android device based on a few criteria.

User review: “Though I miss my previous keyboard, I am pleased with this one. First, it was like something odd to me as I just started using it as a new user and it was “acceptable”.

But then gradually I started liking it and it features especially after the update and some settings changes and personalizes”.

Download From Google Play

How to Choose the Right keyboard app for Android Device?

Users need to check their android version, the latest android versions can handle high RAM consuming applications and can render the same easily if users are using the earlier versions it’s better to use less memory consuming applications.

They additionally need to check whether they have small or big thumbs to choose between keyboard apps.

If they do not like predictive typing they can avoid apps with AI-powered smart predictors and go for the traditional typing apps that come with only visual customization options.

Author’s pick

Gboard android and Swiftkey Android keyboard apps will be my default pick for keyboard customization and user-friendly approach. However, with regards to other apps cheetah would be my recommendation thanks to its rendering, flexibility and user ratings.


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