A powerful Android Trojan distributed through Google Play store apps that posed as Fashion and game apps to generate a huge revenue using malicious invisible ads.

This Trojan distributed under several Google Play store apps which have been downloaded more than 6,500,000 times in total.

Trojan detected as Android.RemoteCode.152.origin by Russian security firm Dr.web and it mainly distributed via Game based Android apps.

Malware developer embedded their malicious software module within the application that was distributed via Google Play store.


Once the Malicious apps installed into the victim’s device, silent downloading and launching of the auxiliary plug-ins designed for downloading advertising web pages and clicking on banners located on the.

How Do Hackers Earn Money using Android Trojan

Once the In-built  Trojan application(Android.RemoteCode.152.origin) successfully launched into victims Android device, it keeps starts itself every time users reboot the device.

After the successful launch, Malicious module downloads another Trojan module from the command & control servers that managed by the attackers and launch the downloaded Trojan module.

Built-in Trojan Shows Picture in Android Mobile to Monetise

Later it downloads another module which is modified version of the advertising development SDK based on MobFox SDK advertising platform which is designed for monetizing applications.

Trojan itself perform the configuration set and it silently creates various advertisements and banners, and then clicks on them, earning money for criminals.

Also it Trojan connect the dedicated mobile marketing network AppLovin which is used to generate additional income by downloading the advertisements.

Following Program was detected as Malicious apps from Google Play Store.

  • Beauty Salon – Dress Up Game, version 5.0.8;
  • Fashion Story – Dress Up Game, version 5.0.0;
  • Princess Salon – Dress Up Sophie, version 5.0.1;
  • Horror game – Scary movie quest, version 1.9;
  • Escape from the terrible dead, version 1.9.15;
  • Home Rat simulator, version 2.0.5;
  • Street Fashion Girls – Dress Up Game, version 6.07;
  • Unicorn Coloring Book, version 134.
BALAJI is a Former Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.


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