Anonymous has Hacked Public Cameras

In a surprising move, Anonymous and other hacker groups have recently taken over more than 400 Russian cameras. The attack was in support of the Ukrainian cyber-warfare group Cyber-Berkut. 

This group has been responsible for hacking into the email of many Russian officials. This hack is only the latest in a string of hacks that Anonymous and other groups have carried out against Russia.

On the website “behindenemylines[.]live,” the hackers of the Anonymous group have shared a live feed of the hacked cameras, and based on their location, they have also grouped the hacked cameras in several categories like:-

  • Businesses
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Security Offices

Anonymous’ avowal

When you look at the Russian media, you might think that living in the country is a dream. Putin is trying his hardest to keep the Russian people in the dark about the atrocities that the Russian military is committing in Ukraine. 

Russia agreed to a cease-fire but is still fighting, and Putin is trying to hide the invasion from the Russian people, but he won’t succeed for long. 

If anyone asks Putin or other leaders about the current scenario, they say that it isn’t true and avoid the question. Russia is just trying to hide the truth from the people to keep Putin’s approval ratings up.

Here’s what the message states:-

“Putin is killing children, 352 Ukraine civilians dead. Russians lied to”

Moreover, to broadcast the war footage from Ukraine, the hacker group Anonymous has also claimed that they have hacked the live TV channel streaming services in Russia.

To combat the current event against Russia and present the illustration against the war, Anonymous has also targeted the official websites of the Belorus government and the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service.

While apart from this, the affiliate group of Anonymous, the Network Battalion 65, has also claimed that they have hacked the Russian Antivirus company, Kaspersky, and declared that they would leak the source code of Kaspersky.

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