Apple Emergency Update

Apple accidentally unpatched the vulnerability that was already patched in the latest security update published in June.

The vulnerability was initially discovered by Ned Williamson, he published the exploit dubbed SockPuppet and the vulnerability was initially fixed with version iOS 12.3 and broken again in 12.4.

Recently a security researcher with twitter handle Pwn20wnd published the free jailbreak exploit code on Github that works for an up-to-date version of iPhone 12.4.

This vulnerability not only let allows to Jailbreak the devices, but it also allows makes the device vulnerable to hackers.

According to thePwn20wnd, a researcher who created the Jailbreak told Motherboard that “somebody could make a perfect spyware” taking advantage of Apple’s mistake.

Several Twitter users posted stories on twitter stating that they have successfully exploited iOS 12.4 with Pwn20wnd jailbreak code.

Here you can find how to Jailbreak the iOS 12.4 using the

Patch Published for iPhone Jailbreak

Apple again patched the use after free vulnerability CVE-2019-8605 that allows a malicious application may able to execute arbitrary code with system privileges.

The update is available for iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation.

“A malicious app could include an exploit for this bug that allows it to escape the usual iOS sandbox—a mechanism that prevents apps from reaching data of other apps or the system—and steal user data.”

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