500 iPhones

A Taiwanese IT engineer named Chang Chi-yuan uncovered a bug in the Apple’s payment system that allowed him to buy more than 500 iPhones for a Taiwanese dollar which is equivalent to 0.03 USD.

He posted screenshots on Facebook indicating that he successfully paid a Taiwanese dollar for 500 iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB and for two Phone XS Max 512 GB which worth 540,354.47 USD.

500 iPhones

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus was launched in September 2017, it is powered by the hexa-core processor and comes with a display resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels.

Anyhow once the transaction was accepted Chang Chi-yuan managed to cancel the purchase, Change already purchased iPhones cheaper than the original cost in 2016, he says the bug is similar to the one and it was not yet fixed. reported Taiwannews.

Chang gets attention in 2013 when he deleted a series of Facebook posts by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to highlight a bug he found, after being ignored by tech support.

Few months before a new vulnerability “iOS Trustjacking” identified discovered in the iOS device that allows an attacker to control the Vulnerable device remotely and perform various malicious activities. Another researcher proved that the iPhones and iPads4/6 digits PIN’s can be bypassed with a brute force attack.

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