Pokemon Go for Applewatch : A very good news for owners of Apple watch Pokemon Go developer Niantic has tweeted that Pokemon Go will be launched for Apple Watch soon.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a game for smartphones based on Nintendo’s classic Pokemon games. It’s available for both Android and iOS. It uses your phone’s camera to show you cute monsters (Pokemon) you can collect for points. You can also train these Pokemon up and make them battle in ‘Gyms”. Less than a week after its release, Pokemon Go was already more popular than Tinder.

Previously Developer Niantic took the stage on Apple’s iPhone 7 event earlier in this year to announce Pokemon Go for Apple Watch.

Pokemon Go hit India on Android and iOS in partnership with Reliance Jio few weeks earlier. Which was followed by a festive update allowing player’s to catch special edition Pikachu and Pokemon from games like Pokemon Silver and Gold.

Ritchie believes Apple and Niantic are likely taking the time to ensure Pokémon GO’s integration with the Apple Watch is done right.


So where is it? There’s a certain amount of complexity involved in making Pokémon Go for Apple Watch. It ties into both the Apple Watch Workout system, which means you’ll get credit towards your activity goals while out catching Pokémon, and HealthKit, which syncs all the information. The latter especially has some of the most involved privacy systems Apple has ever deployed, and my guess is Niantic and Apple are taking the time to make sure all that integration is done right.

The app will provide Pokémon GO players with at-a-glance information, such as how far they need to walk to hatch a particular egg.

The main screen shows the player’s current level and XP remaining to get to the next. Pokémon GO walks are recorded in Workouts, helping players achieve their Activity goals.


  • Pokemon Go is finally came to India.
  • The game has been downloaded over 500 million times since launch.
  • It’s available with both iOS and Android.



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