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Are Game Item Stores Trustworthy? Here’s All You Need to Know

We know that some of our favorite games across all genres are so great. We enjoy playing them as often as we can. Don’t tell anyone, but just yesterday, we logged about 7 hours at a stretch playing Old School RuneScape. Don’t worry, it was for a review. But we really, really enjoyed it.

I’m sure many gamers play for more than that, but what makes the games really enjoyable are the game items you can use to play. Potions, weapons, currency, poisons, wands, and whatever else you can collect make all these games we play super-cool.

But most times, you need the in-game currency to get these items, or you need to pass some really difficult challenges. And sometimes, it can get really frustrating when you cannot get these items. The game becomes annoying instead of fun.

However, people always find a way, and this is where game item stores come in. Game item stores are places where players can buy the game items or currencies they need with real-world money, ensuring that they skip all the long processes of gathering items or fighting bosses.

What Are Some Examples of Game Item Stores?

Some examples of stores where you can get items from games with real-world money are:

eBay is just a general platform for buying so many different things. So users who have game items to sell can put them on eBay for prospective buyers to see and purchase. Craigslist is also like this, but it is less popular than eBay and is generally seen as more untrustworthy. When players agree to buy on eBay or Craigslist and the payment is done, then players meet in-game and the seller drops the items the buyer has bought for the buyer to pick up,

Platforms like MmoGah are marketplace websites, like Amazon, but for games. Sellers put up items for sale and buyers purchase these items (using a selection of different payment methods). When the purchase is done, the seller and buyer meet in-game and the buyer collects the items he bought.

It’s easy and quick if everything goes well.

Are Game Item Stores Trustworthy?

Right off the bat? Generic stores are not trustworthy. There is a high risk that a seller you meet on eBay or Craigslist could take your money and not deliver the items you bought. Usually, when this happens in these stores, you can report the seller and so on. But in general, game developers do not take kindly to trading game items with real-world currency. They can suspend your account, delete the account entirely, or empty your inventory. So there is a limit to what buyers of game items from places like eBay or Craigslist can do when they are scammed without attracting the attention of the game developers.

For specialized stores, the risk of being scammed is greatly reduced. What makes them either good or bad is whether the service they render is great or not.

For example, MmoGah seems to have pretty great reviews from buyers who have used their platforms. Here are some of the great things about their services:

  • They have different selections of payment methods. You can pay for items through debit cards, credit cards, SecurePay, cryptocurrency (such as Ethereum and Bitcoin), mobile wallets (such as Zelle or Cash App), Skrill or even gift cards.
  • They have a selection of coupons they regularly offer, enabling buyers to get game items at a cheaper price.
  • Because the items being sold are game items, they do not have a wait time for delivery. Buyers and sellers just need to agree on a time to meet in-game and exchange the items after payment has been made. Delivery is essentially instant.
  • Their staff (especially the customer service representatives) are equally gamers, so they understand what gamers are looking for and can solve problems easily.
  • Shopping in online game item stores is quite easy as their websites are easy to navigate. 
  • They keep a watchful eye on their sellers, and so there are almost no issues or complaints about sellers scamming buyers.
  • The prices of items on game item stores are relatively cheap In most cases compared to in-game purchases. 

In general, game item stores are trustworthy because it is a game item store focused on or specializing in selling game items. This way, sellers can be regulated or watched to prevent any bad experiences. So, if you want to buy game items, specialized game items stores are what you should use.

Another reason game item stores are trustworthy is that when you buy game items, you can almost always be sure that a seller did not acquire the items in an illegal manner. They did not hack the game or install some kind of malware and so on. This is because the sellers who sell on the platforms have been regulated by the game stores in order to get reliable sellers for the items buyers want to purchase.

Again, specialized game stores usually have a stand-by customer service that helps deal with any problems buyers encounter when trying to purchase game items. Most times, these customer service representatives are usually fellow gamers so they have the requisite experience to guide the buyer on how to solve their problems. If the problem is with the seller, the stores also have different actions they can take in order to solve the buyer’s problems. Quite a number of game stores even offer refunds.


Though these game item stores are trustworthy and reliable, they are still selling items that should not be sold, so be very careful when you are buying these items online and do not reveal too much personal information.

Secondly, some of the items being sold are illegally gotten or stolen from the games through malware and cybercrimes, and when these items are sold, it can implicate the buyer in a crime. Furthermore, these sellers who get the items they sell still go on to launder the money by converting it to cryptocurrency and using it to commit more crimes.

Our advice is, as much as possible, try to get any of the game items you want to get by doing it in-game. If you must buy, use game item stores with good reviews.


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