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Areas You Can Get Scammed as a Small Business Owner

Consumers aren’t the only ones prone to scams – businesses are at risk just as much, and it’s important for every business owner to stay aware of the current situation on the market, and pay attention to the things that could potentially cause them problems. It’s difficult to stay aware of all types of scams around you – it’s actually borderline impossible, knowing how crafty some thieves can get. But even if you keep yourself informed about the most common ones and keep an eye out for them, this will still go a long way towards preventing some serious problems in your business.


E-commerce platforms are still relatively fresh on the market, at least compared to other types of business models. This makes them a prime target for scammers looking to squeeze some extra money out of unsuspecting business owners. And in most cases, these problems can be prevented pretty much completely by just paying attention to the alerts provided by the platform you’re using, and refraining from using any add-ons or other solutions that have not been approved by the original developers. Most of the scams in this field rely heavily on the ignorance of site owners who are always trying to find a cheap way around their issues, and you should not give them an opportunity for that.

Utilities and Suppliers

Be careful of your suppliers as well. This includes both your direct business partners, as well as any utility suppliers you might be using. It’s best to use a reputable site like Utility Bidders to find energy brokers and deals on other types of utilities. This is going to save you a lot of time – and money – in finding the right partner and ensuring that they can provide you with a complete service from start to finish. There are various hidden factors when looking for utility suppliers that you might not pay attention to in the beginning, only to realize your mistake when it’s too late to do anything. Avoiding this is as simple as taking some more time to scout the market and find the right deals.


Marketing is something else you should approach with asuspicious attitude, and never trust what your partners are telling you unless you’ve established a lot of trust in them. The problem is that data can be faked rather easily in this area, and it’s important to do your own independent research to confirm what you’re being told by your marketing partners at every step. This can be costly though, especially for larger marketing campaigns. Keep that in mind, and be prepared for some serious expenses in the beginning, until things stabilize.

It’s never pleasant to have to think about scams and other potential money problems when running a smaller business that’s still not very stable on the market. But it’s important to know what problems you might run into, and understand the implications of each of them on your business. And in most cases, avoiding these issues is actually not going to be that difficult.


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