Do you connect other people’s USB drives to your computer? Are you worried that your computer could be attacked by hacked USB firmware? Now there is a solution that can protect you.

Armadillo is a hardware firewall that protects your computer from malicious devices by isolating them. It is simple and easy to use; all you need is to connect the Armadillo firewall between your computer and USB device.

It is a high-speed USB 2.0 hardware, which enables quick file transfers, so it is excellent to use with flash drives and hard drives.

Armadillo is based on the USG firewall, which is used by customers around the world, and its open source technology has been proved in the test of time.


Armadillo and USG use the same firewall technology, level of protection, and both support USB storage devices, keyboards, and mice. Armadillo stands ahead of USG in terms of speed, as it is loaded with high-speed USB 2.0 hardware.

How the Device Protects you from Hackers

The firewall blocks malicious USB commands before it gets triggered in the computer, and only safe USB commands are allowed to pass. Hidden USB functions like secret keyboards or network interfaces cannot activate in the background, as only one USB function can operate at one time.

The firewall also protects your USB device firmware from a malicious computer, stopping the infections before it hitting your device. It has a Read-Only mode to keep your files safe from change by a malicious computer.

The Firewall contains HID bot detection to block bots using keyboards and mice to enter malicious systems commands, such as the USB Rubber Ducky hacking device.

Armadillo can be used with any USB drive, keyboard, or mouse; it cannot be used with a USB hub because in the hub it connects itself as the second function. So the rule here is one Armadillo, one USB device.

If you are the one who shares the USB drives with third parties – friends, business contacts, customers, then Armadillo is a must-have device to stay secure.

How to Connect & Buy

The Firewall is easy to use, you only need to connect the USB device to the Firewall, and the Firewall to the computer.

It also contains error LEDs that flash based on errors; if it finds any fault with the connected Device, then Armadillo will shut down and disconnect the Device immediately to ensure your computer’s safety.

You can order the Armadillo Hardware Firewall through the online store and the price is NZ$249.


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