Friday, July 19, 2024

“Asigra” Ranked Number One Cloud Backup Enabler for Managed Service Providers

Leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider Asigra Inc., today announced that in a recent feature by Storage Newsletter, the company has ranked number one in a list of the Top 25 Cloud Backup Enablers.

Storage Newsletter highlights the best cloud backup service providers and technology enablers in what has become recognized as the authoritative list of cloud backup solution providers globally.

The guide helps managed service providers (MSPs) to meet the demands of customers that rely on managed data protection services.

Asigra Cloud Backup converges data protection and cybersecurity for ransomware/malware detection and mitigation to ensure secure and reliable backup and data recovery.

The converged solution includes the industry’s first zero-day ransomware Attack-Loop™ preventative technology using bi-directional detection, zero-day exploit protection, variable repository naming, and two-factor authentication (2FA) for a full defensive suite against advanced cyber-attacks on backup data.

This is complemented by FIPS 140-2 certification and military-grade data encryption for enterprise-class data security.

Originally profiled in, companies recognized in the Top 25 List are categorized based on their go-to-market strategy and technology innovations.

The categories include pure enablers, enablers and service providers (channel or direct), service providers (channel only), service providers (channel and direct), and service providers (direct only).

In the category of pure enabler, software-only provider Asigra received accolades for enabling MSPs to power an advanced backup solution to meet today’s new challenges without conflicting services that compete against its partners. Asigra’s continued growth and channel program advantages were also cited.

One of those advantages is the emphasis on a channel healthy vendor-partner relationship that supports partner self-determination to set their own prices and margins, while increasing customer ownership and valuation over time. The driver behind this is the economic requirement that the channel community must remain a strong, well-capitalized group in order to ensure the long-term viability of both vendors and partners.

Companies included in the comparison include:

“Continuing the recognition we have received for the company’s advances in cybersecurity-enabled cloud backup software, we are again pleased with the top ranking in this review,” said Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President, Asigra. “Asigra Cloud Backup is both technologically and operationally optimized for MSPs, making it the solution of choice for customers that demand data security, compliance, and on-demand recoverability in a simple to manage platform.”


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