New ATM Malware called ATMJackpot that is capable of dispensing large amounts of cash from the ATM Machine using ATM Jackpotting method.

Previously discovered ATM Jackptting Malware compromise the ATM by installing the malicious software and sophisticated hardware to pull out the cash.

Based on the Binary, researchers discovered this ATM malware originated from Hong Kong as 28th March 2018.

A few Months before sophisticated ATM skimming called “Shimmers”  targeted chip-based credit and Debit cards to steal your entire card information form POS(Point-of-sale) terminal.

Also, Attackers inject an another ATM Malware called Ploutus.D inject into the ATM machine and performing various Task

This newly Spreading ATM malware has a smaller footprint with a kind of small simple graphical user interface.

a simple graphical user interface

This Malware interface contains hostname along with the service provider information such as cash dispenser, PIN pad, and card reader information.

How Does This ATM Malware Works 

This ATM Malware propagates via physical access by an attacker using USB and also spreading via a network by downloading the malware on to already-compromised ATM machines.

Initially, windows class name called ‘WIN’ registered by the ATMJackpot malware that leads to handle all the malware activities.

According to netskope,  After registering a window class, the malware creates the window, populates the options on the window, and initiates the connection with the XFS manager

Later ATMJackpot malware starts it monitoring an operation of the events from different service providers and finally execute commands.

It using  3 Different commands to perform its malicious operation in the targeted ATM

1.Malware reads the data from PIN pad asynchronously using WFSAsyncExecute API

Read data from PIN Pad

2.Malware has the functionality to dispense cash

Dispense cash

3.Malware also has the functionality to eject the card

Eject ATM card

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