Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Australian Airport Hacked: Significant Amount of Security Data Stolen by Vietnamese Hacker

A Vietnamese hacker penetrates into Perth Airport’s computer system’s and stole sensitive details such as building plans and security details.

Authorities revealed the hacker name, Le Duc Hoang Hai aged 31 used third party contractor credentials to get access into the systems in last year March.

Airport Authorities identified the intrusion and reported Australian Cyber Security Centre and the hack was traced to Vietnam and the Australian Federal Police tipped off counterparts in Vietnam.

As a result Hai was convicted in Vietnam military court and sentenced to four years jail last week. Hai also involved in hacking website, infrastructures and banks in Vietnam. Reported the west Australian.

Mr MacGibbon described the hack as a “near miss”, Hai have accessed sensitive material, but he didn’t stolen any personal details of employees.

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Perth Airport chief executive Kevin Brown said it appeared the man had been attempting to steal credit card data. “We finished a full and exhaustive hazard evaluation of the information that had been gotten to guarantee there had been no threat to the safety of the travelling public,” he said.

“At no time was the safety or security of the airport, its staff, passengers or partners compromised,At no time was the safety or security of the airport, its staff, passengers or partners compromised” he added.

Now Perth Airport invested another $2 million in additional security measures.

Last month a critical vulnerability detected in Boeing 757 which allows remote code execution.


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