A teen from Australia got arrested and sentenced for hacking the Apple’s ultimate secured network and accessing some sensitive data from an internal network.

Melbourne Police did not reveal his name and identity and he accessed the Apple’s mainframe from his home on multiple times.

  1. His culpable from the age of 16 saw him create a computer tunnel and web-based bypassing network by hiding his identity until the point when an attack on his family home revealed a reiteration of hacking documents and guidelines all spared in an organizer titled “hacky hack hack”.

a court report says, that he was such a fan of the company also he did this Apple’s secure computer network multiple times.

A prosecutor report stated that the Police uncovered two Apple laptops in teen’s home with serial numbers matching the devices that had accessed Apple’s network.

Also, they analyse the phone & hard drive that owned by the teen contains a clear indication that completely matched this Apple Data Breach.

He had multiple conversations in WhatsApp that he told others regarding his hack and the Officials believe the boy learned to hack at 16. He reportedly accessed customer accounts and downloaded 90gb of sensitive files.

According to The Age, The major international investigation was sparked when Apple contacted the FBI, who passed the allegations on to the AFP. The AFP found the software that had enabled the hacking had been installed on the teen’s laptop.

The access was keep in alive untill Apple detected this incident into the authorized keys that grant log-in access to users and are said to be extremely secure.

The court said that the access “worked flawlessly” until the teen was caught and he told police that he had “dreamed of” working for Apple.

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