FBI take Down the Most Popular Dark Web Search Site DeepDotWeb for Money Laundering

Authorities seized DeepDotWeb website as part of an international operation involving the FBI, Europol, and Federal law enforcement agencies from Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and Brazil.

The authorities in the US charged two suspected website administrators, in the meantime website was seized by law enforcement and judicial authorities.

Two Israeli citizens have been arrested, suspected as the website operators for making millions of dollars in affiliate commissions by referring individuals to dark web marketplaces.

DeepDotWeb owned and operated by two suspects since 2013, and the website gives individuals direct access to several dark web markets that are selling illegal drugs, firearms, malicious software, hacking tools, and other illegal services.

According to authorities they have received “more than 8 150 bitcoins, which is approximately €7,5 million according to the current bitcoin trading value.”

They circulated the bitcoins to other bitcoin account and then to the bank account they controlled in the name of shell companies, reads Europol press release.

Earlier this month authorities shut down the world’s second-largest illegal online dark web market Wall Street Market and also arrested two of the leading suppliers.

Following to that Finnish authorities seized another dark web market place Silkkitie for trading illicit goods, the dark market is active from since 2013.

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