Azure Sphere Linux

The tech giant Microsoft has just announced a huge reward of $100,000 for hacking the Azure Sphere OS; it is the very first Linux-based operating system of Microsoft, that is focused on the Internet of Things.

This initiative of the tech giant Microsoft is just like the other large technology companies that use to test the security of their operating systems.

This challenge will last three months and makes its hardware, operating system, and cloud components that shape its Azure Sphere platform available to the security experts.

With this challenge, Micorosft simply wants to check the strength of its recent Linux-based operating system, Azure Sphere OS, in terms of security, which, as in other areas, is also vital in the IoT (Internet of Things), where millions of devices can be used in DDoS attacks.

Azure Sphere is the tech giant Microsoft’s product that offers security solutions so that businesses and customers can safely use the IoT devices; they simply allow to extend the virtual network into the real world, comprising everyday things.

In short, with Azure Sphere OS, Microsoft simply wants to assure its customers that, using its Azure Sphere OS, they can easily add several layers of protection to safeguard their connected devices and the information that is transferred between them.

Join the Microsoft challenge

This new Microsoft Challenge will start on 1st June 2020 and will last up to 31st August 2020. Interested security researchers are required to execute the codes on Azure Pluton and Azure Secure World, and the tech giant Microsoft will provide the eligible security researchers the following tools that we have mentioned below.

  • Azure Sphere development kit (DevKit).
  • Access to Microsoft products and services for research objectives.
  • Azure Sphere product documentation.
  • Direct communication channels with the Microsoft Team.

So, to participate in this challenge, you have to submit your application form before May 15, 2020.

Moreover, all the applications will be checked every week, and accepted security researchers will be notified via email by Microsoft.

Though at the moment, Microsoft’s Azure Sphere OS is not widely used, and not only that, currently, it can be run on the MediaTek MT3620 chips only. But for the tech giant Microsoft, the key motto is to continue developing in the IoT and cloud sector.

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