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BazarCall Attack Weaponizing Google Forms to Appear Legitimate

A new type of phishing attack known as BazarCall has emerged, and it’s using a clever technique to make it appear more legitimate.

The attack utilizes a Google Form to trick unsuspecting victims into divulging sensitive information.

The method of phishing that is being discussed here is one that poses a high level of risk as it can easily fool even those who are well-versed in technology and its intricacies.

In 2020, the BazarCall attack type gained notoriety for using a unique malware distribution method involving phone conversations with victims.

BazarCall/BazaCall attacks usually start with a phishing email that appears to be a payment notification or subscription confirmation from a well-known company. The email will contain the amount that is going to be charged, which is usually between $49.99 and $500 or more, depending on the subscription or service being impersonated.

It’s worth noting that these days, Google Forms are being utilized by certain individuals or groups to create an impression of authenticity or credibility.

BazarCall Attack Weaponizing Google Forms
BazarCall Attack

The attacker starts by creating a Google Form and filling it out with information regarding the fictitious transaction, such as the product or service that was allegedly purchased, the payment method, and the invoice number and date.

Secondly, to enable the response receipt option, the form sends a copy to a hacker’s forum. The hacker then sends an invitation to the victim to complete the form by themselves.

First, the attacker enters the target’s email address in the “Your email” area and then clicks on Submit. Upon submission, the victim will receive a copy of the completed form.

The attacker can trick the victim into believing that the form is a payment confirmation for Norton Antivirus software by activating the response receipt option.

BazarCall Attack Weaponizing Google Forms
The attacker’s mail

It is difficult for inaccurate email security solutions, such as secure email gateways, to reliably identify this email as a possible threat.

A popular and reliable tool for making surveys, quizzes, and forms is Google Forms. Because the emails used in BazarCall attacks come from a reliable source and could seem harmless, it can be difficult for SEGs to tell them apart from authentic ones.


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