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Top 10 Best Android Games for 2019

Are you looking for the Best Android games? Here we have list Top 15 best Android games free with an updated list to enjoy your free time.

Video games have always been the favorite entertainment for most of us. Starting from Super Mario, Contra or Road Rash the urge to compete and win levels chilling just in our home has given us a lot of happiness.

Now, though the technology and devices employed for these games have evolved, we humans are still the same when it comes to video games.

With the development in smartphones and tablets, users are now playing all the different types of games right from their Android and iOS devices.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 best games for Android devices in 2019 and some of the best Android games offline to play without the internet.

Top 10 Best Android Games 2019

1.PUBG Mobile

Best Android Games

one of the all the favorite best Android games and we don’t need an introduction to this game, as it has already achieved several milestones when it comes to Android games.

It has taken over the predecessors like subway surfer and temple run to become all time favorite in mobile gaming.

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is also available in other gaming platforms like PC, Xbox, iOS and Playstation.

However, the prime winner for the Tencent group is the Android version thanks to the huge audience base and especially the uniqueness of the game offering complete freedom over the game play. 

Launched initially with 100 player survival gameplay this game introduced new modes like Zombie and 4vs4 team deathmatches.

The game has a Google Play rating of 4.5 and will require a stable internet connection for lag free gaming experience.

Works on Android version 5.1.1 or above and requires at least 2GB memory.

2.PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer

Best Android Games 2019

Football has always been a popular sport with an enormous number of audiences. Konami has developed this game and delivers exquisite graphics and gameplay experience to the gamers.

Currently featuring Totti as the app icon, this game does hold license only to limited football clubs and stadiums, which would be the only negative factor. Primary clubs like Barcelona, Arsenal, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund have their originality in the game.

This game is only effective with a strong internet connection. It comes with the local, online, campaign and even mode to keep the footballers occupied and entertainted.

3.Pokemon Go

Best Android Games

Though this game was released three years ago, this game continues to be on top because of its continuous player engagement strategies.

This is an AR based game, that allows the player to interact with the Pokemon world and capture pokemons using their Android and iOS devices.

The uniqueness of this game is unlike other video games, this one can’t be played resting on your coach or bed, you need to explore places, discover pokestops and gyms to interact with it, and win battles/raids with your friends thus creating a community of players.

Apart from that Nianitic also hosts events called Pokemon feat across geos, the recent being in Chicago and Dortmund.

This game requires a moderate internet connection for decent gameplay experiences.

4.EA Sports UFC

Not all of us love sport and adventure, few are here for real action and that’s what this game brings in.

The developer is Electronic Arts and that would suffice the quality of this game thanks to their brand and quality of the game play they have been offering across gaming platforms.

The real-time Ultimate Fighting Championship is an excellent treat for real moves, the famous Rhonda Rousey, Conor McGregor, and Flyod Mayweather’s recent additon has brough this game to another level especially with the legend Bruce Lee joining th fighter’s club.

Quick fight and Career modes are the current gameplay’s available, however, EA Sports have promised to bring in more modes and commentary options in the future. You need a very stable internet connection to play this game.

5.Psych! Outwit your Friends

It’s a new party game to play with your friends, that adds the extra layer of connectivity and fun during your get-together and parties.

Launched by Heads up, this game offers different categories of fun, for example you could start with ‘And the truth comes out’ or ‘Movie Bluff’ or ‘Words up’ categories, create a lobby and ask your friends to join the lobby using a unique code generated by the game. Once everyone is in, you can start the game and experience the fun.

6.Mini militia

Before the introduction of PUBG mobile, this game was the leisure app for most of the gamers, this game brings in very simple UI and gaming experience.

This game is an upgraded version of worm’s gameplay where users can create their own avatars and start fighting among themselves in different maps. With different weapons, this game can also be played offline using an ad-hoc network.

With minimal memory requirement and internet free gaming, this game will be your buddy when you are away from network connectivity. Owns a rating of 4.5 in the Google play store. 

7.Subway surfers

Even after being released for several years this game continues to be one of the very best entertainers for different age groups. Unlike other games which are mostly targeted at teens and kids, this game covers all age groups and gender.

The simple controls and unqiue music continues to be the advantage for the gameplay. Developed Kiloo and Syboo this game is an excellent pass time for tension free gaming.

It requires very less memory space and works well with a decent internet connection. This game has a rating of 4.5 in the Google play store.

8.Clash Royale

Another wonderful masterpiece of strategy game, where players have to master their cards and deploy them at the right time to destroy enemy towers. With princes, knights, baby dragons, giants and more cards break the enemy defense and take the crown, glory, and trophies. Form your clans to build a better battle community.

Clash royale is successful in iOS as well, and it has a 4.5 rating in the Google play store.

9.Candy Crash Saga

The very popular candy game hits the rank 9, because of the closed quarters for the development. This game is known for its wonderful swiping and rapid calculation abilities.

Though the puzzle starts with simple puzzles at initial stages, later this will become challenging. With its overwhelming since its launch, this game continues to be on the top 10 best android games of the year.

10. Shadow fight 3

Best Android Games

Nekki’s role playing game has come a long way since its initial stages of development, the earlier version shadow fight and shadow fight 2 had a decent response. However, this version shadow fight 3 had a tremendours start and now has a rating 4.4 among other popular games in play store.

Conclusion: Best Android Games

All the above-mentioned games are free in the Play store and have an excellent response from the users. If you are more of action oriented gamer check PUBG, UFC, and Shadow fight or if you love math, Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale could be interesting. If sports is your domain then PES2019, if you are a liesure gamer try Subway surfer.

Honorable mention goes to Niantic’s latest AR-based game called ‘Wizards Unite’- if you are a fan of Harry Potter and would love to explore the world of wizards this game will take you to the fortress, greenhouses, and inns to battle dark forces and identify some fundable. Let us know which is your favorite game among the above 10, and rate the games on play store to help fellow users.


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