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Why Do We Need Antivirus Software for Android? Top 4 Best Anti-Virus & Their Impacts

Best Antivirus Software provides high-level data protection for your Android device since it is the main targeted platform around the world. People often rely on android more than themselves these days. The quotidian usage of technology has made them more and more dependent.

From communication to connectivity to entertainment, all aspects are covered by such technologies now. Even the sensitive data of millions of people are stored in these compact devices making them vulnerable to many cases.

Is it possible to carry such data without any cybersecurity? No way! Such sensitive things need to be protected and there are many solutions for them. One of them is antivirus software. 

These antivirus options have now allowed us to easily use all the technology devices without worrying. The Importance of financial and personal data can hardly be overestimated. Dozens of passwords and accounts must be protected. A person’s whole life may depend on them.

What kinds of Cyber-Attacks?

Their many devices that have built-in technology but we cannot rely on them alone. They cannot serve the purpose alone and protect all these cyber-attacks. One of the cyber-attacks is the Ransomware, a kind of malware that blocks access to files and in this way, whole data of the person may lose. This can cause serious damage to a businessman.

The number of credit card information, many passwords can be within hackers reach and Spyware is also one of the malware that robs all the data. Nowadays, a modern version of cyber-attacks has been introduced. That is viruses through emails and messages.

The hackers sent certain links or images and if the person opens them then his account gets hacked losing all his confidential information.

Therefore, it is better to use any antivirus software rather than spending dollars on gaining previous loss data with no guaranty.

What do we Need Antivirus Software ?

Many Best antivirus software provides security for all the online processing by detecting the malware beforehand and protecting the system fully. They even provide extra protection for the financial transactions done online. Unlike home editions of most antivirus solutions, it offers a possibility of managing security via a single centralized console.

Many people run online businesses and they constantly have payment acceptance online. Such sensitive must requires an antivirus.

No matter how large your business network is – an administrator can control all the connected devices remotely, easily, and effectively.

Many antivirus companies even provide a 24/7 personal manager and consultations too.

The manager easily manages every of your personal and financial data. Even detailed reports of all the scanning and detection of viruses and all other things are given to the person.

Furthermore, anti-spam filter, search advisor, ad blocker, password manager and many more features are provided.

4 Best Antivirus Software The List

There are plenty of antivirus options out there. We have come up with a list of some renowned best antivirus software that are quite useful.

1.Bitdefender Antivirus 

Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the basic antivirus software. It has an online browser that means a person can easily shop and make financial transactions. It removes all the viruses and informs them.

  • It protects from the destructive websites and viruses too. The multi-layer ransomware protection helps to learn all the threats.
  • All the linked devices are scanned through the software’s central mobile app.
  • Bitdefender is resource-intensive too and may conflict with many applications but overall it is a great software to use.

2. Norton Antivirus

Best Antivirus Software

Norton Antivirus is a good option for the detection of malware, ransomware and various viruses. Though it has no web browser of its own still it is famous because of the new entry of the Norton antivirus plus.

  • Having plenty of features it has a password manager and full tech support too.
  • That means even if the software fails to remove any malware, then experts will remove them automatically and will log in then fix it.
  • To utilize this, feature the person should sign up for the automatic renewal feature.

3.ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus 

Best Antivirus Software

ESET free antivirus app scan the device for all the viruses and at the same time, it locates the phone via GPS too. The websites are safely browsed by this antivirus software. Furthermore, the most astonishing feature of ESET Mobile Security is the protection from phishing websites

  • Several websites betray the people and they end up giving all their personal information including passwords too.
  • The credit card details are often mistakenly revealed by the people which can lead to whole new chaos. No Worries! ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus protect from all such phishing websites.
  • Furthermore, no advertisements on this software make it more renowned too. It’s a great choice for all privacy-sensitive browsers

4.McAfee Mobile Security 

Best Antivirus Software

McAfee Mobile Security along with all the features of scanning and real-time protection also has new features. These features include the thief cam which can take the photo from the front camera whenever someone tries to break anyone’s phone.

  • There is remote wiping of the phone’s data when the phone is stolen or lost. Resultantly, the phone can be easily located by GPS.
  • There is a premium version of this software too and which may be reminded a couple of times to be switched on.
  • The premium version will be paid one but may have advanced features.


With the rise of the internet, cyber threats can no longer affect the person’s any device.

The robust web protection of this antivirus software detects all the malware efficiently and then proceed to fix them.

Even the removable devices connected to the systems can be scanned beforehand.

Nowadays, many pop-ups and advertisements on the internet have the intention to steal all your private information that can cause serious issues but if the person is in use of Best Antivirus Software then there is nothing to care about.

The pop-ups would be automatically removed or blocked. Now the new feature of parent monitoring can also aid people.

They can easily see and control what their children can see. So, antivirus is available so one should not worry rather opt for them!


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