Top 10 Best App Locks and Privacy Lock for Android Devices in 2019

App Locks also are known as privacy lock is one of the most important privacy concerns for all mobile users.

Smartphones are very personal, and the application within does carry different forms of personal data like pictures, messages, bank applications and more.


What is AppLock?

App Lock app often called a privacy lock that can secure the applications from strangers or the ones looking for information within your smartphones.

Security and privacy for these data are usually preferred by the users, but to do that they need proper security measures using Mobile lock apps for their devices and applications.

What does locking an app do?

Android phones do offer compatibility to install number of applications, at times even the untrusted third-party applications, a simple Man-in-the-disk attack or an Android malware may have the privileges to read into the personal data and securing against these attacks will require a lot of work.

Personal applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Mails and financial applications like Gpay, Paytm, Banking apps should be secured using an App Locks to keep our information and data secured.

In this article, we’ll look into the top best 10 App Locks applications and there are many app locks download websites available but you can download it on Google Play Store for your Android devices.

Another perk is this app comes completely for free.

The app locks software plays a vital role in securing personal and sensitive data, it acts as your complete privacy guardian, by having this utilities you can avoid bothering if your friends operating your device.

10 Best App Locks & Privacy Lock for Android

  • App Locks by Ivymoile
  • App Locks by Domobile Labs
  • Privacy lock – Fingerprint Pro
  • Fingerprint Password – Applock
  • App Locker – Lock Apps
  • App Locks – Norton
  • Perfect Privacy Lock – App Protector
  • Secure lock for Apps
  • Smart AppLock – App Protector
  • 1CM AppLock – Security Lock Screen

1.App Locks by Ivymoile

App locks

App Lock by Ivymoile will allow you to lock almost any apps, including photo and videos. It comes with an invisible pattern lock feature, and also takes pictures of people who type in a wrong password.

It will also help you to hide the apps, customize the app lock frequency, and a random keyboard option to reduce the chances of guessing the password.

Here is the list of applications AppLock can cover, Social, System, Android pay, and third-party apps. you can download the App lock apk in Google playstore.

Other Highlights of this app Includes

  • DIY themes-customizing themes/wallpapers.
  • Intrude selfies
  • Option to replace the AppLock icon with other app icons.
  • Power saving and one tap to enable/disable AppLock option.
 Download From Google Play 

2.App Locks by Domobile Labs


App Lock or privacy lock by Domobile Labs is another best option available in the Google Play Store.

Similar to Ivymobile development, this app can again lock specific apps, including images and videos.

It also prevents anonymous uninstallation of the apps, fingerprint authentication support, deploy locks for incoming calls, and other system functions like Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi. This app comes for free similar to the IvyMobile’s AppLock.

Works along with the random keyboard and invisible pattern lock feature to offer better security for the device owners.

Highlights of this app Includes

  • Security over parents checking the Snapchat and Musically videos.
  • Security over your games and gallery.
  • An extra layer of security for privacy within your social apps.
  • Download App lock apk in Google play store.
 Download From Google Play 

3.Privacy lock – Fingerprint Pro

App locks
Fingerprint pro Applocker

Fingerprint Pro is again an effective app lock for iPhone, giving the users the full freedom to pick the apps they the users would like to be locked down.

Integrates with your fingerprint scanner to bring in additional security to lock your apps in your android device and also convenient app locks for ios.

Unlike other apps, this one doesn’t lock the images and videos, but instead, it creates a vault inside which you can move your pictures/videos and lock it up using your fingerprint or pattern lock as a privacy lock.

But this app comes for $4.99 with no free version available. This app is developed by the Best App- Tom Droid team.

Few highlights of the app include,

  • The Valt for Gallery
  • Password lock themes
  • Protection for emails, SMS, and call logs
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Invisible patterns
  • Free Password manager allowing users to switch between, fingerprint, passcode, DIY, and password.
Download From Google Play

4. Fingerprint Password

App locks

FingerPrint Password privacy lock developed by Keepsafe is a very clean and straightforward app lock fingerprint.

Just like other App Locks, this can also take care of any app using a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint to lock the apps.

Additionally, this app does support ten different languages, with settings that would allow users to proactively lock the apps that they may download in the future.

Being offered for free, FIngerprint Password is very simple and easy to use App Locks or privacy lock for android devices.

Highlights include

  • PIN, pattern and fingerprint security
  • Proactive locking abilities
  • Simple and easy usability
Download From Google Play

5.App Locker – Lock Apps

App lock

App Locker developed by BGNmobi does most of the functions similar to other App Locker.

This app comes with the pattern, fingerprint support, and password locks. Additionally, this app does come with some customization options which will strangers from uninstalling the apps.

Again a very simple and useful app, not with so many other features.

Highlights include

  • Password, pattern, and fingerprint lock
  • New themes for locks
  • Prevent uninstallation of apps
  Download From Google Play

6. App Locks – Norton

App lock

Norton is another big name in this list of App Locks, which comes with a four-digit PIN, pattern and password lock mechanism.

And the perks of Norton are, it shows the recommended set of apps that has to be locked for safety and security, takes pictures of the potential intruders who try your passwords.

Highlights include

  • PIN, password, and pattern
  • Recommend apps to be locked
  • Taking pictures of the intruders.
  • Content privacy
  • Data security even if the device is lost or stolen
  • Prevent embarrassing ‘pocket-dials’
Download From Google Play

7.Perfect Privacy Lock – App Protector

Privacy lock
App protector

Perfect App Lock is another one to add to this list. Comes with the basic features including a lock for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

But there are a couple of unusual errors that’s been shown during the usage of this app, both the free and paid versions almost have the similar features, but the advantage of paid is being Ad-free.

Highlights include

  • PIN, pattern, and gesture.
  • Manage screen brightness of selected apps
  • Prevent screen rotation in apps
  • Takes a picture of the users after the third failed attempt
  • Lock calls, WiFi, Bluetooth, Install/Uninstall of apps
  • Less power consumption
Download From Google Play

8.Secure lock for Apps

App locks
secure lock

Secure lock for Apps is a perfect choice for Android devices. It is a smart and best app locker to keep your data safe and secured.

Features include passcode locks for apps, fingerprint lock, passcode recovery options, and this app does not share the data with the third party at the back end which is a critical thing in the today’s data-first market ecosystem. Ad-free and minimal battery utilization.

Highlights include,

  • Passcode and Fingerprint
  • Recovery options
  • Ad-free
  • Lightweight
  • No third party data sharing
Download From Google Play

9.Smart AppLock – App Protector

privacy lock
smart app lock

Smart AppLock is yet another AppLocker that comes with interesting settings, toggles, and phone log controls to keep the apps safe.

A unique feature is this app will disguise itself as a locked screen and let people think they haven’t unlocked the phone at all.

Additionally, it provides an automatic reboot, delayed app locking capabilities, fingerprint scanning options and break-in alerts to the owner of the device.

Highlights include

  • A Disguised look of a screen lock
  • Multiple lock types can be combined
  • PIN, password, fingerprint, and pattern
  • Less memory space
  • Alerts once breached in
  • Delayed lock options
  • Encrypt photos and videos with GalleryVault
Download From Google Play

10.CM Security Lock Screen

privacy lock
CM security lock

CM Security Lock Screen for iPhone and android not just secure to your apps by protecting the same from anonymous users, but it also secures the apps from virus and other malware.

Features like instant cleanup for increased speed of the device, locking the screen with passwords, PIN, pattern and fingerprint, hide the photos and videos, takes pictures of the intruders and few colorful themes.

Features like instant cleanup for increased speed of the device, locking the screen with passwords, PIN, pattern and fingerprint lock, hide the photos and videos, takes pictures of the intruders and few colorful themes.

Highlights include

  • Malware prevention capabilities
  • Pattern, PIN, password, and fingerprint
  • Security over photos and videos

Your smartphones are your first set of personal information anybody could reach to, though we mostly have device locks in the form of patterns, PIN or passwords, its always good to have an additional layer of security by deploying AppLocks for certain vital apps like financial and social apps, so your information stays secure.

The app locker apps provide you three different types of locks that includes password lock, pattern lock, and fingerprint lock.

Download From Google Play


Android devices are usually prone to malware breaches, and App Locks without third-party data sharing could be a perk for professionals who hold even their corporate data within.

With organizations, these data are handled using a UEM or MDM software, but for the personal purpose its always better to go with any of the above mentioned ten App Locks to safe against intruders and keep your personal data safe.

Give a try on these list let us know their advantages, disadvantages and the reason you chose the same in the comment section below.

The App locks are trusted millions of people for protecting their privacy and to hide their sensitive data from bad actors.

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