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Best Comparison of AVG Anti Virus vs. Pc Matic

The number one priority of any ardent computer or mobile phone user remains antivirus protection. Antivirus protection gives your devices indemnity from spyware and malware attacks, as well as any unwanted programs, making your gadgets more efficient and reliable.

There is a plethora of antivirus software which are available for a person’s selection at any given time. It is prudent to take your time and consider the available options as you hunt for the perfect antivirus for your device. In the subsequent paragraphs, we compare two antivirus software; the AVG antivirus and Pc Matic antivirus, which are growing to be better each year under different parameters including:


Both software are manufactured by respectable companies that have invested heavily in computer security. Pc Matic is a product of the PC Pitstop Company; an establishment that takes pride in the fact that it is completely based in the US, and boasts of a vibrant manufacturing system centered on whitelisting on programs.

On the other hand, AVG antivirus is manufactured by AVG Technologies, a company based in Chelmsford, MA.


The AVG antivirus has been engineered by robust features, as demonstrated by numerous reviews of the antivirus, such as the Cloudwards AVG review. The AVG software has a generous system that proffers basic protection against malware. Apart from this basic feature, AVG has a number of lucrative additional features.

For instance, the software has download monitoring capabilities, which monitor everything you download, ensuring no virus-infected data is ever downloaded to your system. It also has email protection and automatically scans all your received email documents for any threats before giving you the go-ahead to download them.

Additionally, this antivirus software is equipped with secure browser options, giving you gainful features such as privacy cleaner, ad blocker, and password manager.

Pc Matic Antivirus equally has an incredible set of features. In fact, it has all the attributes that AVG antivirus software has and more. For instance, Pc Matic antivirus software has a functionality that allows you to clean your disk.

This is essential in dealing with efficient disk management and managing your temp files. With the Pc Matic Pro subscription bundle, you get additional beneficial features such as identity protection and hard drive acceleration.

However, it is worth noting that some basic features such as email protection are only available for the Pc Matic Pro subscription and not the other subscriptions; a feature available on all AVG software subscriptions.

Pc Matic has made a good name for itself since it performs well in reviews like Pc Pitstop review for doing exactly what the company promises it should perform.


The two software are both available for a free trial version. The free versions allow you to scan your computer and identify any malware and spyware threats.

However, these versions are limiting in terms of the functionalities you can achieve. Hence, it is always wise to subscribe to the other packages by paying some reasonable amounts, as explained below.

On the other hand, the AVG software has two subscription plans; the internet security plan, and the ultimate plan. The former plan goes for 69.99 USD annually.

It gives you additional features such as webcam protection, an enhanced firewall, unlimited use on all windows and android devices, coupled with folder encryption technology. The ultimate plan, on the other hand, sells for 99.99 USD annually.

It gives you several appreciable features that make the pricing reasonable. For instance, it accords you advanced antivirus protection, live chat and phone support, and unlimited use on MacOS devices, atop Android and Windows devices. Considering these features, it is agreeable that the price tags placed for this antivirus software are worth the investment in protecting your device.

The Pc Matic antivirus software also has two subscription plans; the Pc Matic basic plan, and the Pc Matic PRO. the former subscription plan goes for 50 USD and gives you a one-year coverage.

This places the antivirus software at a very low price in comparison to the AVG antivirus software. Pc Matic basic plan has all the basic features, coupled with a disk cleaner and a browser manager.

The Pc Matic PRO, on the other hand, is the most expensive subscription plan and is valued at 150 USD a year. This is a bit more expensive than other antivirus software packages. This high price is however justified with the precise features of anti-ransomware, a hardware accelerator, identity protection, system booster, and real-time protection.

Ranking with other antivirus software

Before getting any antivirus software installed on any of your devices, it is sensible to check out how it ranks with other similar software.

This helps you get a wider picture of the excellence of the antivirus you are investing on as you envision protecting your device.

To achieve this important endeavor, feel free to consult diverse reviews that rank antivirus software based on different criteria. For instance, here,the software are ranked based on overall performance,and both AVG anti-virus and Pc Matic do not feature in the top ten antivirus software.

Howbeit, the two antivirus software rank well on average compared with others, especially when you compare the pricing against the features that they accord you.

Due to this, the two software can act as perfect substitutes for other antivirus software such as Kaspersky, and Bitdefender. Additionally, the two can work well as secondary antivirus systems, just like windows defender.


Both the AVG antivirus and Pc Matic antivirus have their pros and cons. Both support various versions of the Windows Operating System such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP. However, Pc Matic supports Windows 10, which its counterpart does not.

The AVG software is also compatible with operating systems that the Pc Matic cannot work with, such as Linux/Unix, iOS, and Mac OS. For the Pc Matic, the major con is that is blocks even legit programs as long as they are not in its whitelist. The AVG has the con of slowing down your computer. However, the two software offer excellent protection, especially for small businesses.


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