A new sophisticated Apple Phishing Scam threatens users into revealing their sensitive information such as personal data, financial account information, confidential enterprise information, and to penetrate the network of the victims.

The email appears to be a legitimate email from Apple and notifies the customer that their account has been limited due to unusual activity and ask to update the payment details.

TrendMicro researchers detected the Apple ID phishing scam, “the email immediately raised suspicions for various reasons. It was sent to users who are not using Apple products and it asks users to update the payment details.”

Apple Phishing Scam

When the user click’s on the button “Update Your Payment Details” it takes the user’s to the domain that not related to Apple but customized to look like a legitimate Apple website.

Apple Phishing Scam

According to researchers email header analysis the sender email address is already blacklisted, researchers tried login with fake Apple ID and the website shows “Your account has been locked” even after the fake details were entered and the site looks more sophisticated and legitimate.

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The site was encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to avoid reputation crawlers and for other security countermeasures. Once the details entered it forwards the users to legitimate Apple website.

“The code in “login.PHP,” “process.PHP,” and “verified.php” was invoking the JavaScript-based AES obfuscation and the encryption style is different from the more “normal” HTTPS encryption methods that protect entire transactions.”

According to TrendMicro the phishing campaign primarily targeted the United States and Venezuela and also scattered across Europe and North America.

Apple Phishing Scam

How to stay safe With Apple Phishing Scam

1. Have a unique Email address.
2. Do not open any attachments without proper validation.
3. Don’t open emails voluntary emails.
4. Use Spam filters & Antispam gateways.
5. Never respond to any spam emails.


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