New social Engineering attack targeting WhatsApp users started receiving Warning that you have used the service for more than one year and that it’s time to take out a subscription?

These emails are perfectly designed by hackers to trick the users clicking on it and to get payment card information.

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WhatsApp uses to request payment before but that all stopped in January 2016, Which makes the scam somewhat more acceptable is that in the past WhatsApp did use to ask users to pay a fee after they had used the service for over a year.


So, don’t be duped into clicking on suspicious links claiming to come from WhatsApp suggesting you need to pay your subscription to continue to use the app. It’s not just nonsense, it’s potentially dangerous nonsense that could leave a hole in your wallet. Says GrahamCuley in the blog post on Eset blog.

WhatsApp Scam alert Subscription Ending Email or Text

Beware of unsolicited SMS text messages claiming to come from WhatsApp demanding that you verify your account and buy a WhatsApp subscription.

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Be careful with spontaneous SMS instant messages claiming to originate from WhatsApp requesting that you confirm your record and purchase a WhatsApp subscription.

You ultimately decide what links you click on, and whether you hand over your passwords and payment card details. Always think twice, because the wrong decision could prove costly. Says GrahamCuley.


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