Four Bitcoin Hot-Wallets of South Koren  Bitcoin exchange Firm Yapizon Hacked and Stolen Around “3816.2028 Bitcoin” ( Nearly 5 Million USD) and its makes Massive Impact for Yapizon which is  36.594% of Total Users Founds.

According to the Report from Yapizon (Transulate) This Massive Hacking Attempted at On Saturday, April 22, 2017, a hacker attack between 02:00 and 03:00.

Since its a Biggest Attack, Yapizon  trying to Recover and Measures the Attack which is Lost by the Members from the Company and Planing to repurchase the revenues and ultimately make the loss of the members 0%.

This is the very equal strategy used by the Bitfinex Exchange lower back inside 2016 while their warm wallets are compromised wherein about $70 Million really worth of Bitcoin became stolen.


In go back to that, Bitfinex issued the BFX tokens. However, this pass could be very arguable because of the distinction in economic fame of Bitfinex and Yapizon

Also Yapizon Said, we can offer you the opportunity to convert ‘Fei’ to ‘Yaffian Co.’, a company that operates a pizzone service.

Meaning of “Fei”

According to Yapizon, ‘Fei’ is a service product that has been issued by Jaipur and has been traded at Jaipur since 2014.

The content is ‘I pay 1% of the commission income generated from Yahoo !, to the person who holds’ 1% Fei ‘every day.’Assuming that a member has 1% Fei and a daily transaction fee of 3 million won, the coin revenue of 30,000 won will be credited to the member’s balance as ‘Jambu’ It is distributed once a day.

No Personal Information has been hacked

Since are the Personal information was Encrypted stored separately including ID, login password, contact information, e-mail address, transaction password and security card number.

So Yapizon said There are no signs of leakage until now.

No Information About the Hackers

Since its a very sophisticated Hack, Till now it’s unclear who is behind of this hacking and how hackers initiated this Attack.

At Present Statement said, All the Evidence are collecting in the process and Cyber Investigation Experts are investigating this Massive Cyber Attack.

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