Bithump hacked

Bithump hacked second time in this year, hackers stolen 35 billion won which is equivalent to $31 million from the exchange platform.

It lasts from last night to today morning in Korean Standard Time (KST). Bithump ranks sixth worldwide based on Trade Volume of more than $417 million in 24 hours.

As a result of the hack, Bithump suspends all the deposit and withdrawal services and moved assets to the secure environment cold wallet which is not accessible through the internet.

Bithump Hacked

It is still unclear at what time the hack occurred and the exchange not provided any details about how the hack occur or what cryptocurrencies were targeted in the hack attack.

According to Coindesk price index, Bitcoin fell from $6,718.35 to $6,561.79 after the tweets from Bithumb.

The Company said on Twitter “Due to the increasing safety issues, we are changing our wallet system. Please do not deposit until we notify. All deposits are not deposited into your wallet until all changes are completed. ”

Bithump asked the user’s not to add any funds to the account into Bithump wallet address until the issue resolved.

Bithump said that company will cover all the losses and the users will not be affected with the hack attack.

This is the second hack attack followed by Coinrail, unknown attackers have stolen attackers have stolen more than $40 million in ICO tokens and altcoins from the company servers.

South Korea is the largest cryptocurrency trading hub and the Bithumb become the third South Korean Crypto Exchange suffered a hack attack in last months. Youbit shutdowns it services last year after being Hacked Second time in the same Year.

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