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Black Hat Asia 2018 – A Biggest Hackers Conference to Meet World Class Hackers & Security Experts

Black Hat announced it’s Briefings of it’s upcoming Black Hat Asia 2018 program. The events covers the latest developements with information security research, development, and trends.

They provide attendes with hands on training taught by industry experts, cutting-edge research presented at Briefings, open-source tools in Arsenal, and the Business Hall featuring top-tier solutions and service providers.

The Event is to take place between March 20 – March 23, 2018 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. For registration:

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Highlights from the Black Hat Asia 2018


This course can introduce attendees to basics of malware analysis, reverse engineering, Windows internals and memory forensics, it then steps by step progresses deep into a lot of advanced ideas of malware analysis & memory forensics. This course uses active labs victimization world malware samples and infected memory pictures (Crimewares, APT malware, Rootkits, etc.) to assist attendees to gain a higher understanding of the topic.


This course are going to be each Lecture and active with and stress on student’s ability to re-create course conditions once they need completed the course.In this course they’re to hide concerning Vehicle Interface Hardware and Simulation Hardware.


The course is aimed at security professionals who want to enhance their skills and move to/specialize in IoT security. The course is structured for beginner level attendees who do not have any experience in IoT, reversing or hardware.

The course specifically focuses on the security issues and attacks on evolving IoT technologies in Black Hat Asia including widely used IoT protocols and platforms in various domains such as home, enterprise etc.

It covers grounds-up on various IoT protocols including internals, specific attack scenarios for individual protocols and open source software/hardware tools one needs to have in their IoT penetration testing arsenal. We also discuss in detail how to attack the underlying hardware of the sensors using various practical techniques.


The fast-paced course teaches the audience a wealth of hacking techniques to compromise various operating systems and networking devices. The course will cover advanced penetration techniques to achieve exploitation against following platforms.

Modern Operating systems (Windows, Linux)
Multiple Databases, Web and Application servers


The only workshop delivered by someone who has access to a source code of Windows! It is a part of CQURE Academy and provides certification. In this workshop you will investigate the critical tasks for a high-quality penetration test.

We’ll look at the most efficient ways to map a network and discover target systems and services. Once it has been done, we will search for vulnerabilities and reduce false positives with manual vulnerability verification.


 This is a fast paced version of the original 4 day class, cut down to 2 days. To fit the entire training material within 2 days, the exercises have been replaced by demos which will be shown by the instructor for each exercise. Students will receive FREE 1 month lab access to practice each exercise after the class

Whether you are penetration testing, Red Teaming or trying to get a better understanding of managing vulnerabilities in your environment, understanding advanced hacking techniques is critical. This course covers a wide variety of neat, new and ridiculous techniques to compromise modern Operating Systems and networking devices.

Apart from this many more course and interesting cyber security topics  are going to discuss with world class hackers and cyber security experts.

To see the present 2018 program lineup and to take a view at introduction abstracts, visit:


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Free Webinar

API Vulnerability Scanning

71% of the internet traffic comes from APIs so APIs have become soft targets for hackers.Securing APIs is a simple workflow provided you find API specific vulnerabilities and protect them.In the upcoming webinar, join Vivek Gopalan, VP of Products at Indusface as he takes you through the fundamentals of API vulnerability scanning..
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