The infamous dark cap hacker CyberZeist (@cyberzeist2) has broken into the FBI site and spilled information on Pastebin

The Hacker released the FBI.GOV accounts that he found in a few reinforcement documents (acc_102016.bck, acc_112016.bck, old_acc16.bck, and so forth).

Spilled records contain accounts information, including names, SHA1 Encrypted Passwords, SHA1 salts, and messages.

The interruption happened on December 22, 2016, the hacker uncovered to have misused a zero-day vulnerability in the Phone Content Management System

“Backtracking to 22nd December 2016, I tweeted around a 0day vulnerability in Plone CMS which is considered as the most secure CMS till date. This CMS is utilized by many top offices including FBI”

The Hacker dumped the 155 indicated stolen qualifications to online clipboard Pastebin, guaranteeing a defenselessness dwells in a Plone Python module. They said the sites of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security and the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center are likewise helpless.

Cyberzeist likewise guaranteed the FBI reached the programmer asking for a duplicate of the stolen qualifications, which they declined to give.

The Hacker figured the CMS was facilitated on a virtual machine running a custom FreeBSD. They said they will tweet the zero-day blemish once it is no longer available to be purchased.

The hacker also Tweeted an image of the FBI website that was down just after the hack.

According to CyberZeist, the FBI contacted him to pass on the leaks.

“I was contacted by various sources to pass on the leaks to them that I obtained after hacking FBI.GOV but I denied all of them. Why? just because I was waiting for FBI to react on time. They didn’t directly react and I don’t know yet what are they up to, but at the time I was extracting my finds after hacking FBI.GOV,” he wrote

experts at the FBI were working to fix the issue, he noticed that the Plone 0day exploit was still working on the CMS backend.

“I couldn’t gain a root access (obviously!), but I was able to recon that they were running FreeBSD ver 6.2-RELEASE that dates back to 2007 with their own custom configurations. Their last reboot time was 15th December 2016 at 6:32 PM in the evening,” he added.

Presently how about we sit and sit tight for the FBI’s response.I clearly can’t distribute the 0day assault vector myself as,

The Hacker affirmed that the 0-day is offered available to be purchased on Tor by a programmer that passes by the moniker “lo4fer.” Once this 0day is never again being sold, I will tweet out the Plone CMS 0day assault vector myself.

When this 0day is never again being sold, I will tweet out the Plone CMS 0day assault vector myself.” CyberZeist included.

This isn’t the first run through CyberZeist hacked the site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in 2011 when he was one of the individuals from the Anonymous aggregate he broke into the database of the law requirement office.

The hacker is very popular, among his victims, there are BarclaysTesco Bank, and the MI5.


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