, the internet’s biggest online store and an online forum for fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, recently became aware of the Data Security Incident that impacted its IT systems and announced that some of their customer related information may have been accessed cause of this.

It is one of the internet’s most visited sites, which has over seven million registered users on its forum, and its website receives over 30 million visitors per month. The last time the site dealt with a major security issue was in 2008 and now in 2019.

How the Breach Occurred was hit by a security breach, which involved unauthorized access to their systems. The store became mindful of it in February 2019 and engaged the data security firms to conduct a thorough investigation on it.

Investigation proved the unauthorized activity, which occurred due to a phishing email received in July 2018. Hackers used this data they obtained from the phishing email to access the company’s network in February 2019.


The company didn’t say when it detected the intrusion, but it said it concluded its investigation on April 12, and could not rule out that personal information may have been accessed or not.

Data Affected

The possible information that could have been accessed might be the Customer’s name, email address, billing/shipping addresses, phone number, order history, any communications with, birthdate, and any information included in the BodySpace profile, says “BodyBuilding”.

The company confirms that Social Security numbers and payment card details were not exposed, says the Company, as the site never collected this information in the first place but it also declares that the last four digits of the payment card could have been disclosed as it is stored when a customer opts to save their card for future use.

“While the Company has no evidence that personal information was accessed or misused, is notifying current and former employees who are group health plan enrolls and relevant dependents and beneficiaries, out of an abundance of caution,” stated in a press release.

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