Box is a cloud management system as like AWS S3 buckets, to manage and access your data. You can place the files in the Box storage and it can be shared to anyone through links.

The data leak is not due to a bug or vulnerability, the problem is with the account administrators who created files/folders link to be accessible by public instead of giving access to only the People in their company.

Cyber-security firm Adversis, identified thousands of Box customer sub-domains through their standard intelligence gathering techniques, they discovered hundreds of thousands of documents and terabytes of data exposed across hundreds of customers.

Following are the sample Data found:

  1. Hundreds of Passport Photos
  2. Social Security and Bank Account Numbers
  3. High profile technology prototype and design files
  4. Employees lists
  5. Financial data, invoices, internal issue trackers
  6. Customer lists and archives of years of internal meetings
  7. IT data, VPN configurations, network diagrams

“we intended to reach out to all the companies affected but we quickly realized that was impossible at this scale. We alerted a number of companies that had highly sensitive data exposed, reached out directly to Box.”

The publically accessible data with BOX is more worse than the S3 public bucket issue, because the s3 has long names and difficult to guess, but with BOX account’s it is easy. The BOX url should be something like this


Box Accounts Administrators configure Shared Link default access to ‘People in your company’ to reduce accidental creation of public.

You can Check out Pandora’s Box will take a list of companies, find the ones that have a valid box account and begin to scan for exposed files and folders. adversis researchers said.

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