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The latest version of the Brave browser features the support of Tor with Private Tabs to enhance the user Privacy while Browsing.

The functionality currently available with the beta release Brave 0.23, it helps users to protect their privacy from ISPs (Internet Service Providers), guest Wi-Fi providers and other network surveillance.

Opening a private tab is pretty simple with the Brave browser, users need to go with File menu and from there open a new private tab with Tor.

Regular and Private Sessions – Brave browser

With the Brave browser, users can move from Private Tabs with Tor to other regular tabs and private tabs. This means users can use both Private Tabs with Tor and regular tabs concurrently.

The private tabs by default Brave browser have DuckDuckGo as the search engine, but users have the choice to switch over with other nineteen search providers. Since it is a beta release it contains a number of well-known issues and leaks which we intend to fix in future versions. Reads Brave blog post.

What is Onion Routing

Onion routing is like an advanced form of proxy routing. Instead of routing through a single unprotected server, it uses a network of nodes that constantly encrypt your data packets at every step.

Brave browser

Only at the end of this “chain” of onion nodes does your data become decrypted and sent to the final destination.

Security against Cryptominers & trackers

Brave browser blocks for ads, trackers and cryptocurrency mining scripts and brave’s do not save any user’s browsing history or cookies.

Brave browser

Cryptocurrency mining attacks targeted a number of internet portals and different kinds of servers. Hackers taking each and every probability for mining cryptocurrencies, even they inserted Cryptocurrency mining malware with the embedded videos in word documents.

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