Friday, March 1, 2024

Using Breach & Attack Simulation Technologies to test Organizations Security Posture on-demand

The best way for an organization to protect itself against cybercrooks is to think and act like one. There is a new technology called Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) that can put you in their place. This Technology allows any organization to be their own hacker and launch attacks against themselves.

Cymulate’s BAS platform is a perfect tool for any organization to test their security posture against a wide range of attack methods and payloads.

This Breach & Attack Simulation platform allows security testing through multiple attack vectors, such email, web browsing, lateral movement, social engineering, data exfiltration, WAF and more.

Once an organization signs up for the Cymulate platform, only one agent needs to be downloaded in order to start an assessment. A dedicated user within the organization’s domain has to be assigned to the agent that will be used for the assessment without any human interaction

On the platform’s dashboard, the organization can set up which attack vector(s) should be tested (e.g., email, web browsing, all vectors) and when (one time, weekly, monthly or quarterly).

How does this Cymulate Cyber Attack Simulation Works

Let’s assume that an organization wants to know how well its email security solutions hold up against cyber attacks. The platform now can be used to launch an attack, targeting the dedicated email with all kinds of payloads.

The results of the attack are calculated and analyzed automatically by the platform. The CISO can then generate a report providing statistics and mitigation recommendations regarding each payload that penetrated.

The overall risk score will enable the CISO to make calculated decisions and prioritize mitigations.

In the example below, we see that the risk score in the email vectors 51%, which means that half of the attacks would have penetrated the organization successfully in real life.

With the BAS platform of Cymulate, organizations can find out anytime they want how well they would hold up against all kinds of cyber attacks.

Apart from getting insight into their security posture, they will also get suggestions to mitigate the identified weak spots in their cyber defense.

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