Building Customer Trust with a Decidedly Human Touch

The online retail sector has been associated with a significant amount of financial independence and success if approached in the correct manner. Of course, obtaining clients via effective marketing techniques and by promoting quality products is always important.

The main issue is that some business owners fail to address an immutable fact: loyalty is just as critical from a long-term point of view. Whether you are hoping to attract a local Dallas audience or you plan to expand your operations into the international community, knowing how to effectively build trust is extremely important. Let’s take a look at two facets of this strategy.

The Organic Nature of the Modern Digital Domain

Consumers have become somewhat jaded to the decidedly impersonal nature of the digital domain. They are accustomed to random “dear or sir or madam” email campaigns and blind links to unrelated services. This is why adopting a personalized approach when breeding client loyalty is essential. One example can be seen in the Loyalty Program Shopify has put in place.

This approach stresses several important variables such as relevant content, robust levels of security, efficient returns policies, excellent customer service solutions, and detailed information about all products being offered. The main takeaway point here is that all of these methods will help to imbue a sense of transparency over time. Clients will likewise know that problems will be quickly resolved if they happen to arise along the way.

Still, describing the intention of your online business is just as important. This is when an “About Us” page can work wonders. Not only will you be able convey your mission statement to readers, but this very same section helps Google SEO algorithms identify what it is that you have to offer (increasing SERP rankings). Let’s take a closer look.

What Should an “About Us” Section Contain?

Nearly every online retail seller possesses some type of “About Us” section; even when using larger platforms such as Amazon or eBay. So, what should be illustrated within this content? The most important point is to stress what qualities set you apart from your closest competitors. In other words, what qualities make your services different and why should they be chosen. Someotherimportant material tomention can include:

  • Your personal vision.
  • The ultimate goal of your business.
  • A means to contact a representative directly.
  • Information regarding any of your collaborators and/or firms that have utilized your services in the past.
  • Previous customer testimonials.

The “About Us” section should serve much more than a mere introduction. It is intended to provide an organic link between your business and the needs of the average customer. Of course, you can also link to other products and services within this page as needed.

It can be complicated to build customer trust and yet, this is arguably the most important way to ensure future profitability. Please feel free to refer back to the suggestions mentioned above for additional insight.

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