Burp Suite 2021.6.2

PortSwigger has recently released the new version of Burp Suite (Burp Suite 2021.6.2) for Professional and Community users.

In this release, the developers of PortSwigger have worked really hard to add many new features and also fixed several bugs in this new version of Burp Suite.

But, if you don’t know about Burp Suite then don’t worry, let me clear the subject for you.

What is Burp Suite?

Burp Suite is well-known by its informal name, “Pentester’s Swiss Army Knife,” it’s a complete set of tools for pentester. This security tool is produced by the PortSwigger and it’s written in Java that allows security testing of web applications.

Thinking about its subscription? Whether it’s paid or free? Don’t worry about that, as the Burp Suite has a free version known as Burp Free and a paid version that’s known as Burp Professional.

Now if we talk about its efficiency, then let me tell you guys that it’s not only a tool to detect vulnerable spaces, it’s a complete security system that comes with several integrated security tools, which work together to accomplish the targeted goals.

Internal Burp Suite tools

Here is the list of internal Burp Suite tools:-

  • Proxy
  • Target
  • Scanner
  • Spider
  • Intruder
  • Repeater
  • Collaborator client
  • Clickbandit
  • Sequencer
  • Decoder
  • Extender
  • Comparer

What’s new in Burp Suite 2021.6.2?

This new version of Burp Suite includes several new features and bug fixes, and here they are mentioned below:-

  • Return of the HEX view
  • Enabling HTTP/2 for extensions
  • Task pausing improvements
  • An embedded browser upgrade
  • Several bug fixes


The Burp Suite supports all the major platforms like:-

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS

Apart from this, Burp Suite comes pre-inbuilt in Kali Linux, but, in case of installation in other OS you have to take special care while installing the proxy, since it completely depends on the user can use it correctly or not.

As the proxy plays the key role since it allows to probe and alter the traffic acting as an intermediary between the browser and the target application.

Moreover, if you haven’t tried Burp Suite, you can download this tool to get this new version (Burp Suite 2021.6.2).

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