How can we fix Battery And Connectivity Issues in Android 7.1.1: Users started encountering Battery and network issues after installing the Android 7.1.1 OS.

  1. A few users reported telephones fade away despite the fact that their battery is a long way from discharge.
  2. Clients experienced trouble marking into Wi-Fi networks, while others encountered Bluetooth availability issues.

How can we fix Battery And Connectivity Issues in Android 7.1.1

Here are the troubleshooting steps you have to take if you are encountering any of these issues with your Android smartphone.

Battery Problems: If you have installed the Android 7.1.1 inside the previous 48 hours, there’s no compelling reason to push the frenzy catch just yet.

It is really ordinary to experience battery issues while the new programming is settling down with your telephone’s equipment.

  1. To begin with, reboot your phone to begin the framework new.
  2. Little things, such as, checking which applications go through your Phone battery, disabling unused applications.
  3. Decreasing your phone’s screen brightness will do an extraordinary arrangement in enhancing your battery execution.
  4. Clearing your cache.
How can we fix Battery And Connectivity Issues in Android 7.1.1

Wifi Issues: On the off chance that you can’t deal with your Wi-Fi, take a try at resetting your router first. At that point, go to your Wi-Fi settings and tap on “Overlook,” then deal with the system once more.

In the event that regardless you can’t deal with your Wi-Fi, either upgrade the greater part of your applications or put your telephone into “Protected Mode” to disengage the application that could disturb your Wi-Fi association.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues: If your Bluetooth is giving you issues, try turning it off and on again. At that point, “forgot” the Bluetooth association with the gadget that is bringing about the issue and reconnects.

If the issue continues with your Bluetooth, clear your store or use the “Protected Mode” setting of your telephone to figure out whether an outsider application could bring about the issue. If everything fails, do a factory reset as a last option.

Data problems: If there is no issue with your information bearer, attempt to do a straightforward reboot of your gadget. If the issue remains, turn on and of your phone’s Airplane Mode to re-set up the association.

If that does not resolve the issue, go to your phone’s settings and check the mobile network it is using.

In the event that regardless you keep on experiencing issues with your phone, you can likewise look at Pixel and Nexus’ support for further assistance.


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