Adware Removal Tool

Top 5 Best Adware Removal Tool to Block Annoying Ads in 2020

Adware Removal Tool is one of the most useful utilities used to block annoying ads on your favorite website and remove adware from your...
Undeletable Adware

Android Devices Infected with Undeletable Adware that Sits on System Partition

Researchers observed that 14.8% of all Android users attacked by malware or adware still have infection left in the system partition. The problem is because...
Ad Blocker

Top 6 Best Ad Blocker for Android Devices in 2021 to Stop Annoying Ads

Ad blocking software is one of the most convenient types of software available, helping users get rid of annoying ads on their devices. Advertisements are...
Malicious Android Apps

17 Malicious Android Apps Discovered in Google Play Store that Infects 550,000 Android Devices

Researchers discovered 17 malicious Android apps from the Google play store that infects nearly 550,000 Android devices around the world. These malicious app developers added...
Malicious Apps

Google Play Flooding with 100 + Malicious Apps That Installed In More Than 4.6...

Researchers discovered over 100 malicious apps from Google play store that downloaded by more than 4.6 android users around the globe. Most of the...
Stealthy Android Malware

Stealthy Android Malware Disguised as an Adblocker and Run in Background By Requesting Fake...

Researchers observed a stealthy Android malware poses as ad blocker serves full-screen ads while opening the browsers, in the notification section and home widgets. The...
Android Adware Apps

49 Malicious Android Adware Apps in Google Play Infects 3 Million Users with...

Researchers discovered nearly 49 malicious Android Adware Apps from Google play store related to games & stylized cameras, and these apps were downloaded by...
Beware!! 17 Malicious Apps From Apple App Store Infect the iPhone Users with Clicker Trojan Malware

Beware!! 17 Malicious Apps From Apple App Store Infect the iPhone Users with Clicker...

Researchers discovered 17 malicious apps in the Apple app store that delivers the clicker trojan malware into iPhone users and generate ad revenue. Attacker abuse...
Malicious adware apps

Beware!! 29 Malicious Apps Found on Google Play with Over 10 Million+ Downloads

Google has removed 29 malicious adware apps that have more than 10 million downloads from the Google play store. These malicious apps are listed...
Selfie Camera apps

Selfie Camera apps with 1.5M+ Downloads Push Ads, Brick the Devices

Everyone wants to have a perfect selfie to share with friends or to post online, selfie filter camera apps are the one used to...

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