Friday, June 21, 2024

Arm Warns Of Mali GPU Kernel Driver Flaws Exploited In The Wild

The Mali GPU driver is a widely used Graphical Processing Unit for multiple devices, including Android and Linux.A new vulnerability has been discovered in...

Free Android VPNs Suffering Encryption Failures, New Report

VPN apps for Android increase privacy and security over the internet since connection data is encrypted, consequently making it impossible for hackers or other...

Google Blocks 2.28M Malicious Apps Entering The Play Store

A safe and trusted Google Play experience is our top priority.We leverage our SAFE (see below) principles to provide the framework to create...

New Android Malware Mimic As Social Media Apps Steals Sensitive Data

A new RAT malware has been discovered to be targeting Android devices. This malware is capable of executing additional commands compared to other RAT...
Android Malware Brokewell

Android Malware Brokewell With Complete Device Takeover Capabilities

A new family of mobile malware known as "Brokewell" has been found to have a wide range of device takeover capabilities. This seriously threatens the...

Spyroid RAT Attacking Android Users to Steal Confidential Data

A new type of Remote Access Trojan (RAT) named Spyroid has been identified.This malicious software is specifically designed to infiltrate Android systems, stealing...

SoumniBot Exploiting Android Manifest Flaws to Evade Detection

A new banker, SoumniBot, has recently been identified. It targets Korean users and is incredible by using an unusual method to evade investigation and...

New Android Malware Mimic Google Chrome to Steal Banking Details

Security researchers have uncovered a new strain of Android malware that masquerades as the popular Google Chrome browser to steal sensitive banking information from...

LightSpy Malware Attacking Android and iOS Users

A new malware known as LightSpy has been targeting Android and iOS users.This sophisticated surveillance tool raises alarms across the cybersecurity community due to...

Google Rolls Out “Find My Device” Network for Android Users

Google has announced the global rollout of its revamped Find My Device network.This innovative feature is set to transform how Android users locate...

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