206 Malicious Android Adware Apps Downloaded 150 Million Times from Google Play Store

SimBad, a massive adware campaign discovered in Google playstore from more than 200 malicious apps that have been downloaded by nearly 150 million times. Most of the Infected Malicious apps are belongs to simulator...
Stolen Android Phones

Best Way to Find the Stolen Android Phones with the Help of Google

One of the most devastating feelings in the world is your phone being stolen. In the past, there was no phone tracker, and once your phone got stolen, it would have remained a history. The evolvement of technology has made...
Tor Browser for Android

Tor Browser for Android – Browse Anonymously on Android Devices

Tor project releases Tor Browser for Android with the highest privacy protections that include block trackers, Resist Fingerprinting and Multi-Layered Encryption. The first alpha version of Tor Browser for Android is available from through the official Google Play Store and...
malicious wallpaper apps

222,200 Users Affected by 15 Malicious Android Wallpaper Apps From Google Play Store

Security researchers discovered 15 malicious wallpaper apps that running Ad Fraud Scheme from Google play store and current these apps downloaded 222,200 Android users. Cybercriminals frequently using Play store to upload malicious apps that...
PNG image

Critical Android Bug that Allows Attackers to Compromise your Android Device Using PNG Image

Google has patched a critical security vulnerability in a framework that can be triggered with a specially crafted PNG image. The vulnerability affects the Android devices ranging from Android 7.0 to Android 9.0. The...


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