Newly Discovered Android Malware Stealing Data from Messaging Applications WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook

A new Android spyware family named as BusyGasper which is distributed by unknown threat actors that contains unique spy implant with stand-out features such as device sensors listeners, motion detectors. Apart from this, BusyGasper capable of exfiltrating data from messaging applications...

New Android Malware Turns Your Mobile Devices into Hidden Proxies

Cyber criminals distributing new Android malware via Phishing email campaign that turns infected smartphones into hidden mobile proxies. This malicious app installing a fake voice-message app and turns it as a network proxies without users knowledge. This Malware named as TimpDoor...
Adware Apps

85 Malicious Android Apps Discovered in Google Play Store that Affected 9 Million Users

Researchers discovered around 85 malicious adware apps from Google play store that downloads more than 9 million Android users around the world. These 85 malicious apps uploaded under various categories on the Google Play...
Fake apps

9 Fake Apps Found On Google Play With More than 8 Million Installs

Security researchers Lukas Stefanko, spotted 9 Fake apps on Google play that has more than 8 Million installations. These apps are advertised as an useful remote utilities for users. Those fake apps dosen't perform...
Tor Browser for Android

Tor Browser for Android – Browse Anonymously on Android Devices

Tor project releases Tor Browser for Android with the highest privacy protections that include block trackers, Resist Fingerprinting and Multi-Layered Encryption. The first alpha version of Tor Browser for Android is available from through the official Google Play Store and...


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