iPhone to Android

5 Tips to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10

Do you want to buy Samsung Galaxy S10? You will find it really excited to use a new operating system. The problem...
Samsung Firmware Updates

10 Million Android users Tricked to Install Fake Samsung Firmware Updates app

More than 10,000,000+ users tricked to download a fake app "Updates for Samsung" from the official Google play that is not affiliated...
Ad blocker

Top 5 Best Ad Blocker for Android Devices in 2019

Ad blocker is one of the important utility which helps to get rid of the annoying ads in your android devices. Advertisements...
WhatsApp hacked

WhatsApp Hacked – Attackers Exploit iPhone or Android device by Making a WhatsApp call

A critical remote code execution vulnerability in WhatsApp allows hackers to deploy spyware remotely on the vulnerable devices. The...
SMS gateways

Hackers Exploit the SMS Gateway to Sent Text Millions of U.S Phone Numbers

Hackers who have compromised SmartTVs, Chromecast devicesĀ and thousands of vulnerable printers to promote PewDewPie Youtube channel, now back to form and exploits...


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